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1st Grade Enrollment

Admission to 1st Grade / Enrollment Guidelines

HSE Policy J03.01.01… “A child residing in the Hamilton Southeastern Schools and having successfully completed a Kindergarten Program - public, private, or homeschool is eligible to enter grade one.  Children not having completed a Kindergarten program will be assessed for proper placement.”


Appeal Process For Early Entrance to 1st Grade

Indiana Code 20-33-2-7(b)… “If a student enrolls in school as allowed under section 6 of this chapter and has not attended kindergarten, the superintendent shall make a determination as to whether the student shall enroll in kindergarten or grade 1…”

Hamilton Southeastern Schools appeal procedure requires evidence of successful completion of a kindergarten program such as a report card and attendance report, or phone interview with the school director in order to enroll as “early entrance” to 1st grade.  Evidence will be reviewed by the Executive Director of Elementary Education prior to enrollment.

If the child has not completed a kindergarten program, was homeschooled, or does not have evidence of a successful kindergarten completion, an Application for Early Entrance to First Grade must be submitted by August 1 and the child will need to participate in an interview/assessment with the building principal or the Executive Director of Elementary Education.  The building principal will work with HSE central office to make a determination about first grade readiness.   

A child who transfers to Hamilton Southeastern Schools from another state or country, is six (6) years of age, or has otherwise met eligibility requirements for first grade in another state or country, is entitled to continuation of services in first grade if they attended an accredited public or private first grade program prior to enrollment in Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

Any overall questions about school readiness and child development can be directed to Danielle Fetters Thompson, Executive Director of Elementary Education.


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