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9th - 12 Grade Attendance


Attendance Philosophy

The primary responsibility for school attendance rests with the parents and student. The school will assist the parents and student in this responsibility. The cooperation of the student, parents, and school is essential in providing a firm framework for the student to achieve the fundamental foundation of regular attendance.

Departure from Campus

Each High School operates as a closed campus; therefore, students are not to leave the building during school hours without the consent of the administration.

Absence from School

Parents are expected to call the High School attendance office to report their student’s absence on the same day as the absence and state the reason the student is not in attendance. There is a 24-hour voice mailbox available at this number

  • If the parent is unable to call, a note or FAX is acceptable if a signature card is on file at the high school. Please do not fax early dismissal requests

  • It is helpful for the school nurse to know the nature of illnesses in his/her school to identify symptoms of others seen in the clinic. A doctor’s permission to return to school may be required dependent upon the length and type of illness your child is experiencing. Medical documentation is strongly encouraged any time a student misses school due to a doctor’s appointment

  • If the attendance office does not receive a call, note, or FAX within two school days, the absence will be considered unexcused

  • Please make early dismissal calls by 9:00 a.m. to enable the staff to facilitate your request
  • ​If a student is receiving ongoing therapy or outpatient services, one-time documentation from the providing facility stating the beginning date, time each day, number of days a week and ending date should be sent to the attendance office at the beginning of the treatment
  • Only legally emancipated students are allowed to call in and verify their own absences. These are students who receive no financial support from parents and who are not claimed as tax deductions by either parent, do not live with parents, and have filed emancipation papers with the school

Limit on Absences

A student may not be absent from school for more than eight days each semester and not more than sixteen days per school year. Both excused and unexcused absences count toward this maximum of eight days. After the eighth absence in a single class period, the school will notify and, if necessary, hold a conference with the student and parent. Continuation of school attendance after the eighth absence may be subject to the student complying with conditions (e.g. a doctor’s note may be required) regarding any additional absences.

Excused Absences include absence from school for the following reasons:

  • Personal illness or injury

Any student who is absent from school for five consecutive days due to illness must present a doctor’s statement verifying that it is appropriate for the student to return to school. The school reserves the right to require a doctor’s statement from students who are absent as indicated by the nature of the illness, such as communicable disease.

  • Medical appointments

Medical appointments should be scheduled before or after school to minimize the amount of school missed. Only one-half day of excused absence will be allowed for a medical appointment without prior arrangement. Medical appointments should not be scheduled during semester exams.

  • College visitations

A student may visit a college where he/she is considering enrollment during a school day if it is pre-arranged with the Attendance office. The parent must call the Attendance secretary two school days prior to the visit. Freshmen and sophomores will be allowed one (1) day for a college visitation. This one (1) day will not count against accumulated absences. The college visit cannot be taken the day before or after a break unless preapproved by administration. Should a student additional college visitation days, those days will count as excused absences unless the absence limit of eight (8) days will be exceeded with the absence. The regulations also apply to appointments made by coaches for athletes attempting to make college teams. Juniors and seniors will be allowed two (2) college visit days which do not count as absences. Should a student make additional visitation days, those days will count as excused absences unless the attendance limit of eight (8) days will be exceeded with the absence. Failure to follow the above procedure will result in an unexcused absence.

  • Mandatory military testing

  • Witness in judicial proceedings

  • Duty in National Guard

  • Duty with Indiana Wing of Civil Air Patrol

  • Exhibiting or participating in State Fair

A student may be excused if the student or member of the student’s household participates or exhibits in the Indiana State fair for educational purposes. The student’s parent must provide a written note indicating the educational purpose and the school principal must approve the absence. A student may not miss more than (5) days in a school year due to attending the State Fair. The student must be in good academic standing with the school as determined by Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

  • Field trips

Field trips are scheduled by teachers, with principal’s permission, to broaden the experience of the curriculum.  Students will be excused to go on field trips with written parent/guardian permission and a completed field trip form. Both of these must be completed no later than the day before the trip. Teachers should indicate on the field trip form if the absence will jeopardize the student’s grade. Students are responsible for all work missed while on a field trip and should have the work completed upon their return to class, or as directed by the teacher. A sponsor may also refuse to take a student on a field trip if the sponsor believes the student is irresponsible or the trip may be hazardous to the student. Under no circumstance are students to drive on field trips.

  • Verified automobile accident

  • Verified court appearances
  • ​Religious observances

If attendance is requested in writing by the student’s religious leader, as described: The School Board desires to cooperate with those parents who wish to provide for religious instruction for their children but also recognize its responsibility to enforce the attendance requirements of the State. Upon the signed request of a student’s parent, building principals will allow exception to the student’s continuous attendance at school for religious instruction outside the school building by an authorized church or religious organization for no more than 120 minutes per week. A student must be properly registered and a copy of such registration must be filed with the principal. The time for release instruction or education may be arranged by the principal. The principal will also assume the appropriate continuance of the instructional program in the public school during such release times. No solicitation for attendance at religious instruction will be permitted on corporation premises. No staff member shall encourage or discourage participation in any religious instructional program.

  • Approved assignment at an election poll or approved service as a legislative page

A student participating as a legislative page shall have a parent/guardian prearrange the absence from school at least 2 days in advance. The student must bring back a form signed by the legislature that they paged for when they return to school.

  • Family member in the military

Students of parents serving in active duty of the military shall have additional excused absences at the discretion of the school principal or designee for visitations relative to leave or deployment.

  • Death in the immediate family

Make-up Work for Excused Absences – It is the student’s responsibility to arrange make-up work with each teacher.

  • For each day of an absence, the student has one (1) day in which to complete the make-up (e.g., a student has three days to make up work for a three-day absence). Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the teacher to give students extended time if needed. Generally speaking, teachers will announce major exams at least two days in advance. Therefore, if a student is absent the day before the exam and returns the day of the exam, the student will take the exam. The same would apply to an assignment given days in advance.

  • Exams and assignments may not be returned until all make-ups have been completed. Students will see their exams and be informed of their scores, but the teacher may retain the exam or assignment.

  • Homework may be requested when a student will miss three (3) days or more. The request must be made prior to 9 a.m. in order to receive assignments by the end of the day.

Activity Participation after Absence

A student may not participate in extracurricular activities, practices, or after-school functions unless the student attends four periods of that school day. Students absent all day, due to illness, may not participate in an extracurricular activity that day. If extenuating school or family circumstances result in a student’s failure to be present the required four completed periods, an exception can be made. Reasons may include: High School approved college visit, field trips, medical emergency, and funeral.

Homebound Instruction

The homebound program provides instruction to students unable to attend school because of physical handicaps or special health problems. For a student to be eligible for this program, the parent needs to provide the school with a physician’s written evaluation indicating that the student will be homebound for at least four (4) consecutive weeks. If this type of situation should occur, the student’s parent/guardian should contact a guidance counselor.

Unexcused Absences

Any absence from school or class not included as an excused absence is considered an unexcused absence.

Consequences for Unexcused Absence

Students are expected to make up missed work. Make up work which includes late work, quizzes, projects, daily assignments, etc. will be graded in a fair and reasonable manner in accordance with the teacher's classroom rules. Such consequences will be communicated by the teacher in writing to students in each class at the beginning of each semester. Unexcused absences may also warrant other disciplinary action, such as detention, suspension or expulsion, and may result in action taken under the compulsory school attendance laws (I.C. 20-33-2).

Unexcused Absences from Class

Students in attendance at school are expected to attend their scheduled classes unless excused by the teacher or administration. A total of five (5) unexcused absences from a class may cause a student to be removed from the class and lose credit. Parents will be notified before a student reaches the point of being removed from class.


  1. Tardy to first period

When a student arrives at school after the tardy bell, he/she should report directly to first period class. If a student arrives late but within the first 15 minutes of class, he/she will be counted as tardy. A student more than 15 minutes tardy will be assigned an unexcused absence from class unless excused by administration or parent.

  1. Tardy to periods 2 through 7

Students arriving more than five (5) minutes tardy to class will be assessed an unexcused absence from class unless the student presents an excused pass. Students must be inside the classroom before the bell rings.

  1. Penalty for Tardy to Class

  1. On the third tardy to a class, or the 1st time a student is seen by the dean for tardies, the student may receive a 1 hour detention and parents will be notified.

  2. On the fourth tardy to a class, or the 2nd time a student is seen by the dean for tardies, the student may receive a 2 hour detention and parents will be notified.

  3. On the fifth tardy to a class, or the 3rd time a student is seen by the dean for tardies, the student may receive a three hour Friday detention and parents will be notified.

  4. On the sixth tardy to a class OR 7th cumulative tardy, or the 4th time a student is seen by the dean for tardies, the student may be considered insubordinate and parents will be notified.

Passing periods and after school hours

Students are expected to move expeditiously between classes. All students are to leave the building at the 2:55 bell unless attending an after school function or in designated supervised areas.

  1. Vocational School Attendance

Juniors and seniors can arrange with the counselors to attend our off campus vocational and technical programs. Students who enroll must remain throughout the school year. If a student is suspended, expelled, or withdraws, his/her status also applies to his/her enrollment status at the High School. Vacation periods for the High School and the vocational schools do not always coincide. A student is required to attend the vocational school even if the High School is on vacation and to attend the High School even if the vocational school is dismissed.
The following rules apply:

  1. Career Center students must enroll in three (3) classes at the High School.

  2. Career Center students are responsible for being aware of altered schedules at the High School. When the schedule changes, the priority is to attend the High School classes.

  3. Vocational School Attendance - Half Days

It is the student's responsibility to attend all classes, including SMaRT Period, at the High School. A student may be dismissed to attend the off campus vocational program only with prior approval of the guidance counselor assigned to those students. 

  1. Students will attend the High School to complete state mandated testing.

  1. Truancy

Students who miss school under the following circumstances will be considered truant:

  1. The willful non-attendance of a student from school without parent/guardian/custodial permission and school authorities’ permission.

  2. All class periods of truancy are considered unexcused. Repeated occurrences of truancy during the course of the school year will result in the student being identified as a “habitual truant.” A student may be considered a “habitual truant” on the third occurrence of truancy. A juvenile truancy report will be filed with the prosecutor’s office and an Invalidation Form will be filed with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

  3. Habitual tardiness may be considered truancy.

    Attending Class Equals Success (ACES) Program


ACES is a proactive program sponsored by the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office. Its purpose is to promote good school attendance by enforcing the legal obligations of compulsory school attendance noted in Indiana Law. Students may be referred by HSE Schools to the Hamilton County Deputy Prosecutor for the Town of Fishers for participation in the program for being truant from school or having unexcused absences. Students with absences without a doctor’s note that exceed 8 days per semester or 16 days per school year are considered unexcused and may also result in a referral to the ACES program.

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