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Parking, Driving and Permits

Student Parking & Driving

Application for parking lot facilities and driving privileges may be made by any student who finds it necessary to drive to and from school. All vehicles must be registered and have parking tags displayed. The privilege of driving on school property and the use of parking lot facilities will be withdrawn whenever a driver operates his/her car in a manner that is illegal and/or threatens the welfare of people and/or property. This includes violations while driving to and from school. The following regulations apply to all drivers and passengers. Failure to abide by these regulations may result in the withdrawal of driving and parking privileges on school property. Students who lose vehicle registration tags will be charged for a replacement.

  1. All vehicles and operators must be properly licensed.

  2. Cars that are driven on a regular basis must be registered at the Dean’s office during the first or second week of school. The school permit should be displayed in the lower corner of the passenger windshield. If more than one car is driven on a frequent basis, a registration form should be completed for each car.

  3. All students are expected to park in the designated parking spaces for students.

  4. Students must bring all items for the entire day from their car. Access to vehicles is not permitted during the day. An administrator must approve any exception in writing. Students are to enter the building upon arriving at school.

  5. Loitering in or near cars while on school property is prohibited. Drivers will not make their cars available to other people for purposes of loitering.

  6. Cars should be parked in designated parking areas, (within the designated space), upon arrival at school and should remain there until the driver’s dismissal time.

  7. When the school buses begin to leave the school at dismissal time, all traffic will stop and buses will be given the right-of-way.

  8. The school does not carry insurance which covers students’ automobiles. The school cannot assume liability for damage and/or theft.

  9. The speed limit on school grounds is 15 MPH.

  10. The privilege of bringing a student-operated motor vehicle onto school premises is hereby CONDITIONED on WRITTEN CONSENT by the student driver, the owner of the motor vehicle and the parent or guardian of the student to allow search of that motor vehicle when there is reasonable suspicion for a search of that motor vehicle. Refusal by a student, parent or guardian, or the motor vehicle owner to provide or allow access to a motor vehicle on school premises at the time of a request to search the motor vehicle, shall be cause for termination, without further hearing of the privilege of bringing a motor vehicle onto school premises. The principal or a member of the administrative staff may request that a law enforcement officer search a motor vehicle on school premises. The school will conduct routine inspections of student parking lots and of the exterior of student vehicles on school property. The interior of a student's vehicle may be inspected with or without the student's consent any time a school authority has reasonable grounds to initiate such search.

  11. Any prohibited item found in a student’s car is subject to the same consequences as student possession within the building.

  12. Automobile mechanical problems are not an excuse for tardiness or absence from school.

  13. Driving privileges may be denied as a disciplinary measure when deemed appropriate by school officials.

  14. Any student who wishes to drive to or from school or school related events must consent to participate in the the High School Student Driver Drug and Alcohol Random Testing Program. Any student who refuses will not be permitted to drive. Student drivers will be subjected to a random chemical test to determine if the student has consumed or is under the influence of alcohol and/or other illegal drugs and substances as defined by Indiana law.

  15. Any senior wishing to park in the reserved senior parking must acquire a senior sticker from the Dean’s Office. This sticker must be displayed in the front passenger lower corner of the car in order to park in the limited parking spaces. The senior parking spaces will be designated and available first come, first served.

  16. Unauthorized or unregistered vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.

  17. Failure to park in designated parking spaces may result in progressive discipline.

    Learner’s Permit or Driver’s License Denial/Revocation

    Any student identified as a habitual truant, who is suspended from school for a second time during the school year, who withdraws from school for reasons other than financial hardships, or who is expelled from school will face the following consequences with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles:

  18. Any student identified as habitually truant will be denied a learner’s permit or driver’s license until the age of 18. The Principal, Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, or Dean will conduct an annual review of the student’s attendance record in order to determine whether attendance has improved to the degree that the student may become eligible to be issued a license or permit.

  19. Any student withdrawing from school or quitting school for a reason other than financial hardship will be denied a driver’s license or learner’s permit until age 18. Financial hardship status will be determined at the exit interview.

  20. Any student suspended from school for a second time during the same school year will be denied a permit or license for 120 days or have the same revoked for 120 days.

  21. Any student expelled from school will be denied a permit or license (or have same revoked) for 120 days or until the end of the semester during which they return to school whichever is longer.

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