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PK - 4th Grade Student Computing Resources and Internet Access Consent

Hamilton Southeastern Schools (HSE) permits student to bring personal laptops or other computing devices to school for academic purposes.

  • HSE accepts no responsibility or financial liability for personal laptops or other computing devices that are brought to school by students.
  • Laptops or other devices that are lost, stolen, or damaged are the responsibility of the student and his/her parents/guardians, regardless of how the loss, theft, or damage occurs.
  • Students are advised to take steps to guard against damage, loss, or theft.
  • HSE’s technology department will not provide technical support for any personal laptop or other computing device.

Hamilton Southeastern Schools desires to fairly and consistently address the issues that arise with student technology usage. While it is recognized that students have freedom of expression, it is not absolute. In the interest of preserving school order and safety, the HSE School Board has established a policy (I05.03) and guidelines (I05.3.1) for technology usage. The goal of these guidelines is to inform students, parents, and educators how the Board of School Trustees and school corporation will define student conduct with respect to the use of technology that could result in denial, suspension or expulsion. Indiana State statute, Indiana Criminal Code, and U.S. Supreme Court decisions are used in establishing these guidelines.

Computing resources and Internet access is provided to facilitate communications in support of research and education both curricular and extracurricular. To maintain eligibility to this access, students and parents must be in support of, and consistent with, the educational objectives and policies established by Hamilton Southeastern Schools. The use of any technology resources in Hamilton Southeastern Schools is a privilege, not a right, and it is subject to regulation and monitoring. Violation of any school rules and corporation policy may result in denial and disciplinary actions. Students and parents will be informed about disciplinary action to be taken in cases of misuse and/or abuse of technology.
Situations which will be considered in determining if an individual has violated the technology usage policy are as follows:
A student shall not create or otherwise access technology content that:
a) violates any school rule, including any student discipline rule and any school policy;
b) causes or is likely to cause a substantial and material disruption to the school;
c) is a “true threat”;
d) is considered as lewd, vulgar, indecent or plainly offensive;
e) generates a legitimate educational concern; or
f) is considered an unlawful activity.

Details and definition to the above situations are found in HSE Technology Usage Policy I5.3 and Guidelines I5.3.1.  Students should not have any expectation of privacy with respect to files stored on school-based computing equipment. Hamilton Southeastern Schools reserves the right to monitor Internet access or other network or computer-related activities, engage in routine computer maintenance and housekeeping, carry out internal investigations, prepare responses to request for public records, or disclose messages, data, or files to law enforcement or other legal authorities.

The Corporation recognizes the need to educate students regarding appropriate behavior on social networking and sites about cyber bullying. The Corporation recognizes the need to educate students regarding appropriate behavior on social networking and internet application including cyber bullying awareness and response.
Hamilton Southeastern Schools makes no warranties of any kind, neither expressed nor implied, for the computing resources and Internet access it provides. Hamilton Southeastern Schools will not be responsible for any damages students suffer, including, but not limited to, loss or corruption of data resulting from delays or interruptions in Internet or computing services.

Hamilton Southeastern Schools will not be responsible for the accuracy, nature, or quality of information stored on portable media, hard drives, file servers, or other computing resources; nor for the accuracy, nature, or quality of information gathered through corporation-provided computing resources and Internet access.
Hamilton Southeastern Schools will not be responsible for personal property used to access corporation computers or networks or for corporation provided computing resources and Internet access. Hamilton Southeastern Schools will not be responsible for unauthorized financial obligations resulting from corporation-provided access to computing resources and the Internet.

Students utilizing corporation-provided computing resources and Internet access are responsible for good online behavior similar to the good behavior expected are in a classroom or other area of school.

Students’ use of personal technology including computing resources, internet access, and communication devices is subject to the conditions as found in Guidelines I5.3.1 and student handbooks. Inappropriate use of such technology may result in disciplinary action.

Families should be aware that some material accessible via the Internet may contain items that are tasteless, illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or potentially offensive to some people. In addition, it is possible to purchase goods and services via the Internet, which could result in unwanted financial obligations for which a student's parent or guardian would be liable.
While Hamilton Southeastern Schools’ intent is to make Internet access available in order to further educational goals and objectives, students may find ways to access other materials as well. Any Hamilton Southeastern Schools computer used by students will have an Internet filtering process in place when accessing the Internet. Nevertheless, the HSE School Board recognizes that no current technology will prevent all abuses or improper use.

Ultimately, parents and guardians of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using media, computing, and information sources. There is a fine balance between encouraging autonomous learning and maintaining adequate supervision. Hamilton Southeastern makes the corporation's complete Technology Usage Policy I.5.3 and Guidelines I5.3.1 available online on the HSE’s website (www.hse.k12.in.us) for review by all parents, guardians, and other member of the community.

Corporation-provided computing resources and Internet access is designed for educational purposes only, curricular or extracurricular.  It is impossible for Hamilton Southeastern Schools to completely restrict access to controversial materials, and HSE will not be held responsible for materials acquired on Hamilton Southeastern School’s computing resources or over the Internet.

Students and parents understand and will abide by the Hamilton Southeastern Schools Technology Usage Policy I05.03 and Guidelines I05.3.1. And further understand that should they commit any violation, their access and /or privileges may be revoked and disciplinary action (up to suspension or expulsion) may be taken as deemed necessary by the Superintendent/designee. This may include legal action. There is no expectation of privacy in respect to the use of electronic information, resources, data files, or other records generated, stored, or maintained on Hamilton Southeastern Schools’ computer resources. This also applies to the use of personal technology.

Parents and guardians also are provided the option of requesting alternative activities not requiring computing resources and/or Internet use for their minor children by contacting their school principal in writing within 14 days of the start of the school year or enrolling their child.

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