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Partnership Inquiry


In HSE Schools, we believe every student deserves to know what they are going to do the Monday after graduation, whether that is enrollment, employment, or enlistment.  Students must have career relevant experiences throughout their PK-12 education to drive their decisions. Your professional expertise and experiences can provide valuable guidance for students along their path. 

If you are interested in partnering with HSE schools’ students and teachers to provide career guidance and experiences, please fill out this general interest form.  Based on your responses, we will follow up with future opportunities.

First Name
Last Name
Location of Business/ OrganizationPlease select up to 3 choices
Please select up to 3 choices
Are you available the week of October 23rd to attend the one-day, all day event- Portrait of a Graduate Envisioning? At this event, you will voice into the career-relevant knowledge, skills, and experiences ALL students should have in HSE Schools. Please select up to 1 choice
Please select up to 1 choice