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English as a New Language

Hamilton Southeastern Schools employs a staff of ENL Collaborative Teachers and Instructional Assistants to work with our language learners. Students that qualify for our ENL program will receive an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).  

This ILP will be based on the language level of the student and will indicate accommodations necessary for the student. The ENL Collaborative Teacher will work closely with all classroom and subject area teachers in order to support both the language learner and the teacher to foster success in the classroom.  Our ENL Collaborative Teachers focus on Co-Teaching in order to support students in the classroom.  The ENL Collaborative Teachers will also meet with students individually and in small groups as needed. 

WIDA ACCESS is an English language proficiency assessment administered to Kindergarten through 12th-grade students who have been identified as English language learners. It is given annually and is required by the state of Indiana.  The results of this test are shared with families by the ENL Collaborative Teacher. This test serves as one of the multiple measures used to determine whether students are prepared to exit English language support programs. Translators are available and will be provided by the district to discuss test scores or any other needs ENL students or families may have.

For more information, please contact the ENL Collaborative Teacher at your school (listed below), or Danielle Riego, ENL Coach & Coordinator

Meet the Team

BSE- Casey Ochieng

CRE- Jenny Filka

DCE - Susie Jacocks 

FCE- Dana Hodgin 

FCI- Johnny Walker 

FCJ- Jeff Brunnemer 

FES- Michelle Robertson 

FHS- Jim Ziino, Sarah Pritts, Taylor Meador, Leah Vantrees 

FJH- Jeff Brunnemer  

GES- Somer Compton, Alyson Stephenson 

HPE- Amber Devenport, Lyndsey Louder, Sarah Baker 

HRE- Amy Simmonds

HHS- Becky Schroeder, Fran Reigle, Lia Rossetti 

HIJ- Jacquelyn Cappello-INT, Kim Hill- JH 

LRE- Michele Golando 

NBE- Alex Beiswanger, Shoshannah Smith, Kelly Darragh 

RSI- Viviana Bolgiano, Sarah Van Overwalle, Heather Jahn 

RJH- Leslie Johnson, Katy Bravo 

SCE- Emily Ahlfeld 

SCI- Laura Whiteford 

SES- Danielle Campbell, Leigh Rudicel 

TCE- Alyssa Janutolo

PRE- Megan McGee