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FAQs for Transferring Families

Welcome to Hamilton Southeastern Schools!  We are so excited to welcome your family and to begin a journey of learning together.  Our teachers are ready to meet the needs of all of our new students and provide them with rich learning experiences every day! 

Please see below for some frequently asked questions about the high ability services we offer.
My child received high ability services in our former district. How does that translate when we move to HSE?                                                                                                                                            

High ability services are locally determined. Therefore, identification in one corporation does not necessarily mean that the student qualifies in another school corporation. The standards for placement for Hamilton Southeastern Schools are among the highest in the state, and we provide a rich and challenging education for all students, regardless of high ability services!  The sending district can submit standardized testing evidence for review by the identification team.
My student participated in standardized testing in our former district.  Does my student qualify for high ability services?
Families may submit standardized student data administered in a school setting within the last two years for high ability qualification review to your student’s school.
What standardized testing should our former school provide for review?
 Any of the following measurements of potential administered within the past two years in a school setting:

  • CogAT
  • PTCS / Inview
  • OLSAT for grades 3 – 12 (K‐2 does not have a quantitative score so to identify math only potential students, another assessment is needed – TOMAGS).
  • Private testing that may include WISC, Woodcock Johnson or WIAT

Any of the following measurements of achievement administered within the past two years in a school setting:

  • NWEA
  • ITBS         
  • Terra Nova
  • Stanford Achievement Test

My student qualified for high ability services in HSE previously, but we left the district.  Is that qualification still valid?
This is dependent on the timeline.  Please submit scores to your school and the team will review them for the most up to date and accurate placement for your child.
My student was in a homeschool or private setting, and does not have any standardized testing data administered in a school environment within the last two years.  Does my student qualify for high ability services?
Students in grades 1-6 who move to the district with no standardized achievement or cognitive data from the last two years may be assessed by HSE for a $40 fee. If you have a financial need, you may indicate this at the time of testing enrollment.  Your child must be currently enrolled in Hamilton Southeastern Schools for to participate in this testing.  To register, please contact Sybil Urban at
My student was a virtual student in HSE this year.  May my student participate in testing?
Yes, all virtual students in HSE are invited to participate in NWEA (grades K-8) and CogAT (grades K, 2, 5) testing during the school year.  Testing for your virtual student is arranged with your school’s administration. 
Summer testing is only for students who are new to Hamilton Southeastern Schools.
My student is starting kindergarten this year.  Will my student receive high ability services?
We are thrilled to welcome your kindergarten student to HSE Schools!  It is very important to all HSE kindergarten teachers that we match each student’s level of readiness when they come to kindergarten!  Students will receive appropriate levels of challenge and differentiation from their kindergarten teachers throughout the year.  Formal testing for high ability services will take place during second semester.