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HSE Polytechnic Program FAQ's

New Questions added May 4th, 2020 

[NEW] Is HSE Polytechnic a trades school?  

No. HSE Polytechnic uses the Purdue Polytechnic High School model to meet the needs of more hands-on, active learners that want to be able apply and use what they learn to create and become “makers”.  A maker is someone that uses tools to create something new, original, and innovative to solve a problem or challenge, meet a need, or innovate in a given market.  Making can vary in infinite ways and should not be thought of only in the contexts of manufacturing or construction as is common.  Making could also include videography using a camera and editing software, coding using a computer, sewing using a needle and thread or sewing machine, music production using live and digital instrumentation...just to name a few.  HSE Polytechnic seeks to create a maker-friendly environment only limited by student creativity.  

HSE Polytechnic students may explore the trades through some of the partners engaged with the program or simply by being housed in Hub and Spoke.  The program should not be thought of as seeking to lock students into a “trades” track for their high school experience; rather it should be thought of as expanding opportunities in both college and career as students co-create how they earn their high school diploma with their parents and teachers.  

[NEW} What does polytechnic mean?  

Both coming from Greek, Poly means “many, much, multi”, and Technic means “art”. Polytechnic is defined by Merriam-Webster as “relating to or devoted to instruction in many technical arts or applied sciences”.  While academics are often split in college into arts and sciences, HSE Polytechnic exists to make learning real through student voice and exploration of college and career. 

How could the HSE Polytechnic experience impact my college experience?  
With personalized learning being the heart of the HSE Polytechnic experience, HSE Polytechnic students will have opportunities to explore college and careers through immersive learning. With the help and support of their teacher/ coaches, students will build and explore career and college learning experiences to better inform what they do after graduation.  Hamilton Southeastern Schools is well-known for giving students opportunities to be in college level classrooms driven by college level curriculum through our AP, IB, and Dual Credit course work.  HSE Polytechnic will give students experiences beyond those classroom experiences. Ideally, students can not only say they have an idea what they want to do professionally and how college connects with this goal, but can point to things they have already done in that profession or experiences that have moved them along their professional path while in high school.  

Does HSE Polytechnic offer honors classes?  
Yes. Courses and curriculum at HSE Polytechnic are built to support students earning an Academic or Technical Honors Diploma.  However, as course work is built around industry projects and taught interdisciplinary, traditional honors classes as they are commonly thought of are not offered in a traditional instructional format.  

Will HSE Polytechnic offer AP/IB/ and/or Dual Credit courses? 
Possibly.  Dual Credit Offerings through partnerships with colleges and universities will definitely be pursued.  Students could potentially take AP courses as electives at their home high school, or work with their teacher/ coaches at HSE Polytechnic to study for and take AP exams. IB courses will not be offered at HSE Polytechnic and the IB diploma would be difficult to achieve as an HSE Polytechnic student.  

How are HSE Polytechnic students assessed or graded?  
HSE polytechnic students are assessed on a mastery-based educational model.  Students are assessed on prioritized content and skills from the Indiana Academic Standards, as well as polytechnic competencies provided through the program’s partnership with Purdue Polytechnic High School. Using a mastery model allows students and teachers more flexibility for students to demonstrate their learning and also use instructional time differently.  Grades are calculated with 50% of a student’s grade reflecting the acquisition of content knowledge and 50% of a student’s grade reflecting the application of knowledge using the competencies.   

What courses does an HSE Polytechnic student take?
The courses offered in year one of the program will be constructed to meet the needs of the students enrolled. These Freshman courses will likely include: English 9, Algebra I and/or Geometry, World History, Biology and/or Earth Science, World Language, and other electives.  The use of online tools and coursework, as well as flipped or blended forms of instruction, could facilitate students completing courses more quickly than is typical in a traditional high school semester model.

A sketching of potential courses offered, including those offered to future grade levels, can be found HERE. Note: these are subject to change as program develops.

What does a student schedule look like?
Student schedules are co-created with teachers and the learning day is organized to ensure students are learning content, skills, and competencies through student driven instruction and teacher-designed curriculum. It is likely no student schedule is identical to another student’s. Daily and weekly structure is flexible in order to meet student needs, differentiate for their learning, and be responsive to student abilities and interests.

What does daily learning look like at HSE Polytechnic?
Learning is integrated and courses are taught interdisciplinary by immersing students in authentic project-based learning where students use the design thinking process to create their own creative and innovative solutions to community or industry problems or challenges.  Teachers serve as coaches that co-plan instruction with students to meet their goals and needs. Teacher coach academic content and skills into this student driven work and assess student performance, along with evidence of skill-based professional and industry competencies that come from the Purdue Polytechnic High School model.  

If you were to walk into HSE Polytechnic at any time, you might see the following:
  • Students collaboratively creating a presentation for a community problem or challenge to a public audience.
  • A student fabricating a prototype in the Makerspace using woodworking, welding, 3D printing, or CNC tools.
  • A student and teacher conferencing on a student’s progress on their own, personally created passion project.
  • A math teacher and a science teacher, for example, co-teaching an engineering concept to a large group of students for the current program-wide industry challenge. 
  • A student working with a community member with woodworking expertise on a product they are building. 
What diploma does an HSE Polytechnic student earn?
HSE Polytechnic students will pursue an Academic Honors or Technical Honors Diploma. These diploma types are explained in each High School’s handbook found here: HSE Handbook, FHS Handbook.

What if my freshman has older sibling interested in HSE Polytechnic?
The program is only open to Freshman for the 2020-2021 school year.

How will student eat?
Lunch will be offered at the HSE Polytechnic campus. Students that travel back to their home high school during Blocks 4 and 5 will eat lunch at their home high school.

What if my student wants to take band, choir, art, advanced PE classes, etc.?
Students can take these classes at their home high school during the school day as Passion Periods for the program. Transportation will be provided. Students will demonstrate polytechnic competencies in these courses.

What if my student plays sports or is involved in extra or co-curriculars that meet after the school day?
The school day will end at HSE Polytechnic in time to provide transportation back to home high schools to participate in these opportunities.

How will students get to and from HSE Polytechnic? 
To and from their home, students will ride the bus to their home high school. From there, students will ride a shuttle bus to the Hub and Spoke campus for the program.  Shuttle buses will also run between Hub and Spoke and both Hamilton Southeastern High School and Fishers High School. 

What if a student is a Sophomore, Junior, and Senior? How can they engage with HSE Polytechnic?
The program is only offered to Freshman for the 2020-2021 school year.

What if a student decides to return to their home high school?
The course work at HSE Polytechnic is designed to accommodate the opportunity for students to return to their home high school should HSE Polytechnic not be the right fit for the student. This will be reflected on transcripts, grades, and documentation of graduation requirements.

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