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Math Essential Skills

Essential skills are the MINIMUM that we expect ALL students to leave Junior High School with.  The values we should be looking for in the essential skills are: Endurance (they have value beyond this year), Leverage (They have value beyond this class), and Readiness (they will need this for school next year). The essential skills should be what we are teaching and assessing. We will go beyond these in our classrooms.

8th Grade
  • Students can solve problems with rational numbers and irrational numbers.
  • Students can simplify exponent expressions using all 4 operations.
  • Students can solve multi-step equations and inequalities involving rational numbers.
  • Students can persevere through real-world word problems and solve them on their own, with partners or in groups.
  • Students can graph an equation of a line and use it to describe rate in word problems.
  • Students can use formulas to help solve multi-step word problems.
  • Students can describe transformations of shapes and use that information to identify specific points in the process.
  • Students can apply the Pythagorean theorem to solve problem.
7th Grade
  • Students can solve problems with rational numbers.
  • Students can solve a equations and inequalities.
  • Students can identify slope as rate of change.
  • Students can identify problems including proportional reasoning.
  • Students should be able to apply fractions, decimals, and percentages to real world examples.
  • Students can identify properties of angles and triangles.
  • Students are able to compute area and circumference of a circle.
  • Students can calculate the probability of an event.
  • Students can calculate the central tendencies of a given a data set. 
Honors Algebra:
  • Students will represent quantities, patterns, and relationships algebraically. 
  • Students will use a variety of strategies to solve equations and inequalities that represent real world applications and understand equivalent representations. 
  • Students will use functions to model situations and solve problems.  
  • Students will model situations and solve problems using linear equations in various forms. 
  • Students will use systems of linear equations and inequalities to model situations and solve problems? 
  • Students will use exponent properties to perform operations on very large and very small numbers. 
  • Students will identify characteristics that make a relationship exponential and explore growth and decay. 
  • Students will add, subtract, and multiply polynomials. 
  • Students will be factor polynomials. 
  • Students will solve and represent real world situation using quadratic and functions. 
  • Students will make predictions based on various representations of data 
Honors Geometry:
  • Students can use inductive and deductive reasoning to solve problems.
  • Students can use a compass and strait edge to construct geometric figures.
  • Students can write a geometric proof in multiple formats using logical reasoning.
  • Students can understand properties of parallel and perpendicular lines.
  • Students can solve problems with congruent and similar triangles.
  • Students can show that the intersections of segment and angle bisectors form special relationships within a triangle.
  • Students can classify rigid motions.
  • Students can identify and classify quadrilaterals.
  • Students can solve problems using Pythagorean Theorem and right triangle trigonometry.
  • Students can understand the properties of circles.
  • Students can use three dimensional models.

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