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Important Food Service Information


Hello HSE Families,     
The HSE Food Service Department is busy preparing for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.   Below is information to help prepare you for the fall. Please check the Food Service webpage at hseschools.org/food and Twitter @hsefoodservices regularly for updated department information as well.
Meal Prices:
We are pleased to share that we have been approved to provide free breakfast and lunch for ALL HSE students for the 2021-2022 school year due to a waiver provided by the USDA.
A la carte items including extra entrées, snacks, extra milk and bottle beverages will be available for an additional charge.  These items are not included in the free meal.
At HSE we use the term Meal Deal to refer to the free meal for students.  The Meal Deal includes a choice of 3-5 items which include:  Entrée (Grain & Protein), Fruit, Vegetable and Milk.  One of the items MUST be a fruit or vegetable in order to be free of charge.
Examples include:
            Example 1:  Entrée, Fruit, Milk
            Example 2: Entrée, Vegetable, Fruit
            Example 3:  Fruit, Vegetable, Milk
            Example 4:  Entrée, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk
            Example 5:  Entrée, Fruit
Menu Information:
We are excited to share our updated menus for the 21-22 school year!  We have expanded options at all grade levels.  Even new items including BBQ chicken nachos, Arroz con Pollo,  butternut squash and roasted zucchini (to name a few)  are being added.  Along with the favorites including taco triangles, orange chicken, and all the chicken options (chicken sandwich, chicken poppers, etc.)  Homemade chicken and noodles are even making a come back!
Menus can be found at hseschools.org/food
We know this past year was not an ideal year for food options.  We appreciate everyone's patience as we had to navigate meal packing, food packaging and product manufacturing issues that were out of our control.  2021-2022 will be the best year yet!
Free & Reduced Meal Applications:
Beginning July 1, 2021, the Food Service Department began accepting Free & Reduced Price Meal Benefit Applications for the 2021-2022 school year.  Information regarding frequently asked questions for completing a Free & Reduced Meal Benefit Application can be found at this link https://www.hseschools.org/services/food.
Again, this year, we will be accepting online applications in addition to paper applications. The online Free & Reduced Meal Application can be found on Skyward Family Access under the Food Service Tab.  The online application option is currently available.
It is preferred that the Free & Reduced Meal Benefit application be completed online.  However, if you do not have internet access or prefer to complete a written form it will be available online at https://www.hseschools.org/services/food or you may request a paper copy of the application from your student’s school or the Nutrition & Food Services office.
Making a Payment:
There are several options available for families to use when making a payment to their student’s lunch account to cover a la carte/extra purchases. 
  • Online, pre-payments (efunds)
  • Cash
  • Check
Families can send cash or check to school with their student at any time.  Cash and check payments will be applied to the student account the day it is received.  When sending cash or check it is imperative to have the student name and ID number written on the check memo line and/or the envelope.  This will ensure the funds are placed on the correct account.
In addition, we have an online payment system for families to use to make pre-payments on student’s accounts.  This system is EFunds and a link directly to their site is below.  Please remember payments made using the online system must be made prior to midnight in order to be available the next day. EFunds is available now to make payments.
EFunds should not be used for same day payments; this is a pre-payment system only. Payments must be made before midnight to ensure funds are applied the next day.
Low Balance Notifications:
We have several ways we communicate with parents and students regarding their lunch account balances.  Students in grades 5-12 will be updated on their lunch account balance when the balance goes below $10.00.  Students in grades K-4 will be gently reminded they need lunch money once the account is at $5.00 or less.
In addition to communication with students, there are several ways parents can stay updated on their student’s account balance.  Parents and students can log into their Skyward Family Access account and view purchases and balances.  Families may also choose to receive low balance email and/or text alerts when the account balance is below $10.00 through their Skyward Family Access account.
Meal Info:
Our goal is to provide a variety of appealing and nutritious meals in a school environment that is respectful of each student’s health and dietary needs.  We recognize some students may have dietary restrictions that prohibit their school lunch and or breakfast participation. In some of these circumstances, we are able to provide reasonable accommodations to students and families.  Please contact your Cafeteria Manager if you would like to discuss what options may be available for your student.
We are active participants in the National School Lunch and Breakfast program and follow all USDA guidelines for meals and a la carte options. Breakfast and lunch are offered daily at all Hamilton Southeastern Schools.  Menus as well as an al a carte price sheet will be available at hseschools.org/food by the end of July.
Menu and Nutrition information will be available on Meal Viewer by August 3:
A user guide and how-to video for Meal Viewer is available on the Food Services webpage.  https://www.hseschools.org/services/food
Alerts & Account Limits:
If you need to make changes or add purchasing alerts or monetary limits for your student, please contact the Cafeteria Manager at your student’s school.
Any alerts and/or limits that you placed on your student’s account last year have been deleted (excluding diabetic/celiac/wheat/gluten/peanut/egg/tree nuts/soy/dairy/shellfish/fish).
Any food allergen/intolerances that you indicated on your student’s health forms will be added automatically.  Any other requests for monetary or item limits will need to be requested.  Please contact the Cafeteria Manager at your student’s school to make these requests.
We love being able to connect with students, parents and staff on a whole new level! Follow us on Twitter @hsefoodservices for exciting updates during the school year.
We are very excited to welcome back our HSE Students! On behalf of the entire Nutrition & Food Services team, thank you for the opportunity to serve your family!  We look forward to seeing you next week!


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