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Frequently Asked Questions


What if my child is sick?
Contact your school to report your student is ill. You may be asked to specify the symptoms your student is having.
If your student has any of the following, they must stay home:
  • Fever ≥ 100.4°
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
How Sick is too Sick

If your student has a contagious condition diagnosed by a doctor, please do not send your student to school until the doctor specifies a return date. This can include strep, pink eye or hand foot mouth disease.

**If your child has a chronic condition which presents with any of the above 3 symptoms, it is recommended that you provide a doctor’s note stating such so that your child will be permitted to remain in school following your physician’s instructions**

What is my child is sick at school? 
If the nurse contacts a parent/guardian your child is sick, please pick up your student as soon as possible. Please make every effort to have your child picked up quickly by a parent or a contact listed on the health card/Skyward. Clinic space is limited, and your child will be more comfortable at home.

When can my child come back to school after illness?
If your child has a fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea, they must be without these symptoms for 24 hours, without the use of medications, before returning to school.

If your child’s illness does not include fever, vomiting or diarrhea, they must have an improvement of symptoms to return.

Do I need to complete a health card and consent to treat for my student?
Yes.  The health card and consent to treat forms must be completed each school year.  This ensures the health and safety of your student, allows us to care for your student and allow your student to attend field trips. These forms are available to complete on your parent Skyward account by clicking on “Back to School Forms”. Fill out all forms online and click “Complete” at the end for the forms to be seen by the nurse.

There is a change in my child's health.  What do I do with the information?
If there are any changes or a new health concern for your student, please contact the nurse for your student's building. The nurse will help you in determining the best action to take to ensure your child's safety and have the information on hand. 

My child is starting a new medicine and needs to take it at school. What should I do?
Complete the Request to Administer Medication form (Grades K-8 or Grades 9-12) and bring the medication, along with the completed form, to your child’s school nurse. Form is located under the Medications tab on Health Services home page.

If this will be a daily medication, you must provide the medication in the original prescription container. The medication will be administered as prescribed on the bottle. If this is different than what you prefer, you will need to contact your doctor to update the prescription.

*If your child is in grades K-6, all medication (including refills) must be brought to the clinic by a parent/guardian.  
**If your child is in grades 7-12, it is preferable a parent delivers the medication to the school. If a parent chooses to send medication with the student to school, the parent MUST notify the nurse via phone call or email prior to delivery by student. The student should bring the medication immediately to the clinic and should be in a sealed envelope with the name of student, name of medication, dose and pill count. Any discrepancy will be reported to the parent/guardian.

My student has over the counter medicine I want given at school for a day or two. What do I need to do?
Complete the Request to Administer Medication form (Grades K-8 or Grades 9-12) along with the medicine to the school.  The medication must be in the original container/box identifying the medication.  Medications brought in a baggie or different container, will NOT be accepted.

My child has asthma and may need his/her asthma medication during the school day. What should I do?

Discuss with your child’s health care provider a plan to control asthma flare-ups while at school.  Have the health care provider complete & sign the Asthma Management Plan and Request to Administer Medication form (Grades K-8 or Grades 9-12); bring it, along with the necessary medications, to your child’s school nurse.

My child texted/emailed me during the school day asking to be picked up because they do not feel well. May I come pick up him/her?
Students are encouraged to see the school nurse if they become ill or injured during the school day; texting or emailing is prohibited from class or other school locations unless permission is granted by a staff member.  School nurses can assess individual situations and can recommend interventions or medications to allow your child to remain in school, if appropriate.

If no interventions/medications are determined available or appropriate by the nurse, the school nurse will contact you, or may allow your child to text or call you from the clinic, and subsequently pick him/her up.

My child has a chronic health condition or severe food allergy. How can I ensure he/she receives required interventions/support during the school day?
Contact your child’s school nurse as soon as possible after diagnosis; if changing schools, call the school nurse prior to the end of the current school year to plan for next year.  School nurses can coordinate a plan of care developed by your child’s health care provider to ensure your child receives the proper care at the appropriate time during the school day.

My child received restrictions from a physician limiting his/her participation in PE or other school activities. How do I make sure these directives are followed?
Fax or send a copy of the physician’s note with your child to school to give to the school nurse. The note should specify the restrictions, accommodations for your student and the length of time for the restrictions.  Accommodations could include: extra time, use of elevator and a helper for the backpack, but the doctor must specify this in the note.

The nurse will ensure all applicable staff members are aware of your child’s restrictions.  

PLEASE NOTE: Your child will remain on restricted or limited activity until a doctor’s note is received by the school nurse lifting the restrictions. If the physician note gives a length of time, accommodations will stop after that date. To continue, a new doctor note is needed.

What immunizations are required for my child to attend school?
Click on the Immunizations tab on the Health Services homepage.  If you have questions, contact your child’s school nurse.

You can check your child’s immunizations by signing into your parent Skyward account and click on the Health Tab. It will tell you whether your student is up-to-date or not.

My child has medication in the school clinic. Can the school nurse keep it there for next school year?
All medication must be picked up (medication may be sent home with student with written parental permission) on the last day of school.  Any medications left after the last day of school will be destroyed.

My child failed his/her school vision screen and may need glasses.  Our family is not financially able to provide those items. Can HSE Schools help?
Hamilton Southeastern School has various resources available to help students in need.  Contact your child’s building nurse or school counselor for more information.

Our family is experiencing some financial difficulties and needs help with supplies, clothing, food, or other basic daily needs.  Can HSE Schools help?
Hamilton Southeastern Schools has various resources available to help families in need.  Contact your child’s school counselor for more information.

My student has a food intolerance. Does the school offer substitutions?
Refer to the Food Services tab on the HSE website or contact your school’s café manager to find what substitutions might be available.


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