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Health Concerns

HSE nurses are skilled to take care of all student needs, especially those who have specific health concerns. Below, you will find information on some of the more common health concerns seen in schools. If your student has a health concern not seen below, please reach out to your building nurse to discuss your student's needs.  Here are a few things to know:
  • Forms for the health concerns need to be updated each year. In most cases, your student sees their doctor yearly, so please have the physician complete the form at that time.
  • We do accept forms in the Spring for the following school year. 
  • Forms can be sent in with your student or scanned and emailed to your building nurse.
Severe Allergy
If you student has a severe allergy requiring the use of an Epi Pen, please complete the Severe Allergy Form. Please note one side is for your physician to complete and the second side is for the parent.
  • Grades 7-12, students are allowed to carry their Epi Pen while at school, but a physician's permission is needed for this. Your doctor can check the box on the form.
  • Grades K-6, students will need to have the Epi Pen at school and kept in the clinic.
    • Your student may transport the Epi Pen to school, but please notify the nurse prior.
  • Check the Epi Pen is not expired. An expired Epi Pen will not be accepted, and the nurse will ask you to provide another Epi Pen. 
Please have your doctor complete the Asthma Form for your student. Please note the doctor can check the box that allows your student, Grades 7-12, to carry the inhaler at school, otherwise, the inhaler will need to be kept with the nurse in the clinic.
Due to Covid, nebulizer treatments are not given at school at this time. If your student would need a nebulizer treatment, a parent would have to take the student home to administer. 

If your student has diabetes, please complete the Diabetes School Form each school year. Orders from your student's doctor is also required for the school year. Please provide the following supplies for your student to keep in the clinic:
  • Snacks
  • water
  • insulin (pens or vials)
  • glucagon 
  • glucometer- strips and lancets
  • needles (for insulin pens)
  • pump supplies (in case the site needs to be changed; this is for older grade levels)
If your doctor makes changes to insulin dosages at any time during the school year, please let your nurse know and provide the updated orders. Your nurse is always available to discuss your student's needs.

Ask your doctor to work with you to complete the Seizure Action Plan for your student. This provides important information about your student's seizures and how to respond if your student were to have a seizure during the school day. If your student has emergency medication (Diastat or intranasal diazepam), please contact your building nurse. 

Other Health Concerns
If your student has other concerns not listed above, please contact your nurse to discuss.

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