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District Skylerts

February 17, 2022
Dear HSE Families and Staff: 
In following with the most recent changes by the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH), schools will no longer be required to contact trace. In addition, quarantining is no longer required for unvaccinated students or staff.
This update will go into effect for Hamilton Southeastern Schools next week. As a reminder, all schools will be mask optional beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 22. However, masks are still required to be worn on the school bus per a federal mandate. If your student rides the bus, we encourage you to pack an extra mask in the event one is misplaced. 

Families are encouraged to continue to monitor for COVID-like symptoms and stay home when sick. 

Positive students and staff must isolate for 5 days and may return on Day 6 (regardless of vaccination status) if fever-free for 24-hours without the use of medications and symptoms are resolved or improving. Students and staff are encouraged to wear a mask when around others from Day 6 to Day 10. 

If there is a positive case in a household, students and staff may come to school if symptom-free.  

School nurses will continue to track positive cases to monitor for potential outbreaks.  

These updates will be reflected in our Return to In-Person Instruction Plan on Friday.

February 16, 2022
Greetings HSE families and staff: 
If we have learned anything during this global pandemic, it’s that we must be ready to pivot. 
With continued monitoring of our COVID data and metrics, we have seen a steady decrease in positive cases and quarantines across our district.
As such, HSE Schools will be mask optional starting on Tuesday, February 22 following the return from Presidents’ Day weekend. Please note, masks will still be required on the school bus per federal mandate.
We will continue to follow the quarantine requirements as directed by the Indiana State Department of Health until we are provided with different guidance. 
As for student instruction, the option to Zoom into the classroom during quarantine will no longer be made available. Teachers will still provide students with missing work as they do with any other absence. This may include, but is not limited to: 

  • Posting assignments in Canvas.
  • Emailing work to students.
  • Leaving instructional materials at the front office for pick-up.

Students with previously written IEP contingency plans may have Zoom as a method of instruction.
We greatly appreciate your continued flexibility. An updated Return to In-Person Instruction Plan will be available on the website later this week. 
Thank you.

February 11, 2022
Greetings, HSE families and staff:
In this update, I want to share five things you need to know for the coming week. 
#1: We are monitoring the COVID-19 advisory level for Hamilton County, which is a metric we are using to determine when masks will be optional in our schools. At this time, the county remains in the red. Since masks are still required, contact tracing is not necessary during the school day. 
But I want to remind you when our schools do go ‘mask optional,’ contact tracing and quarantines will resume per the Indiana Department of Health. All of this information is listed in our Return to In-Person Instruction Plan, if you have questions. 
#2: For parents wanting to know what books or resources their student is checking out in our school media centers, you can access that information by logging in as your student into Destiny. See attached for specific instructions.
#3: Students, Pre-K through grade 12, have a scheduled eLearning Day next Friday, February 18. This day was built into our district calendar to allow teachers and staff to have a full-day of professional development. And don’t forget that all schools and Central Office will be closed on Monday, February 21 in recognition of Presidents’ Day. 
#4: It’s Black History Month and there are many ways for you to take part in the celebration with your family. Check out the Community Insider for a listing of student-driven events happening locally. 
#5: Since 2001, the Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation has supported our teachers and students across the district through funding of innovative classroom projects and student scholarships. 
For the last 10 years the Foundation has hosted Game Day, a fun sports themed night to celebrate public education. This year’s Game Day has something for everyone in the HSE Schools community with multiple ways to participate, including in-person and virtual options.
Visit hsefoundation.org and click on the Game Day banner for more information.
The silent auction is live right now with baskets from all 22 school PTOs and prizes available to the schools who receive the top bids. 
Proceeds from Game Day benefit student scholarships, as well as teacher and student grants that bring innovative ideas to life through STEM, coding, robotics, and outdoor learning spaces. Follow @HSEFoundation for more information on Game Day and to learn how HSEF has been supporting our local schools for 20 years! Thank you!

February 7, 2022
As part of the new COVID guidance from the Indiana Department of Health that we shared with you recently, contact tracing is no longer necessary during the school day when masks are required.

If you missed HSE Superintendent Dr. Yvonne Stokes’ Update from 1.28.22, click here to watch.

In a continued effort to keep you informed of COVID positive cases occurring during the school day, we have launched school-specific webpages listing the following information where COVID positive cases have been reported:

  • Date
  • Teacher
  • Class Name or Class Period or Bus #

You may now access this information by clicking here or going to the COVID-19 Data Dashboard. This information should be updated daily by your school and will assist you in identifying if your student has been exposed to a COVID positive case.

Please note, the COVID-19 Classroom Notifications webpages will replace individual-specific communication regarding COVID exposures during the school day.

January 28, 2022
Please watch the video message below from Superintendent Dr. Yvonne Stokes, which includes information about changes to contact tracing and quarantine procedures for close contacts.


You may also download a copy of the latest Return to In-person Instruction Plan, here. We have also updated our FAQs.


Hello, HSE families.

If you tuned into our School Board meeting this week, I said new guidance would be coming from the Indiana Department of Health regarding COVID mitigation.

That happened - and we have updated our Return to In-Person Instruction Plan that will alleviate the burden on our school principals and nurses regarding contact tracing. And for you, parents, the new guidance will allow for more students to remain in school.

So, what are the changes?

When masks are required: students exposed to a COVID positive individual during the school day would no longer have to quarantine. This would also include lunch, when masks are not always worn.

Under the new guidance from the Indiana Department of Health, contact tracing will no longer be necessary as long as masks continue to be required in schools. Families will still be notified if there is a positive case in the classroom-setting via Skylert.

Please know these changes are only in effect during the school day. Contact tracing and quarantine will still be required for students outside of the school day (ex. athletics, band, choir, bus rides to and from events, etc.). Isolation procedures for an individual that is COVID positive remains the same.

These changes will go into effect on Monday, January 31. I urge you to review the Return to In-Person Instruction Plan for specific details.

Students who are currently quarantined for being a close contact during the school day may return to school effective immediately, as long as they remain symptom-free.

The number of COVID positive cases in our schools are down this week. We hope this is a trend that will continue.

Before we come to an end, I would like to thank everyone who has begun the process to become a substitute in our schools. I asked, and you answered. We are currently processing 86 new applicants. I encourage you to continue to apply. It’s a rewarding job opportunity!

Have a great weekend!

January 14, 2022
Hello HSE Families:

I would like to begin this update with information regarding COVID.


Like many school districts across Central Indiana, we are experiencing a spike in positive COVID cases among our students and staff. Our numbers for this week still remain high. I urge you to continue following the mitigation strategies as recommended by our local, state and federal health agencies.

We know students learn best when they are in the classroom. It has been my goal from the beginning to keep the doors open. However, due to COVID, we are experiencing a large number of staff absences, and this has impacted our daily operations.

We are relying heavily on our pool of substitute teachers right now, but finding that we are still short across the district. We will only consider closing individual schools and go virtual -- if staffing levels reach a critical low, impacting safety.

I would like to thank our teachers who are covering extra classes and working during their prep time. Building staff and Central Office administrators are also filling in where needed.  

I ask that if you have any time in your daily schedule that you will consider subbing. You can apply online, and while the application is tedious, the information required is for the safety of our students.

You can make your own schedule, and even subbing one-day-a-week will help make a difference.

And speaking about making a difference, we would like to remind our families that Monday is MLK Day – and there is no school. We recognize the life and legacy of Dr. King and how his vision shaped much of where we are in society. 

If he were here today, I speculate Dr. King would challenge each of us to continue to build authentic relationships with each other and create bonds of unity. And so during this long weekend, pay tribute to the contributions and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and use Monday as a day of reflection for where we are and what we must do to fulfill his vision for our country. 

Thank you.

January 7, 2022
Good afternoon HSE Families and Staff:

We wanted to share another update as COVID-19 recommendations for schools provided by the Indiana Department of Health and CDC are rapidly changing.

Please review the latest Return to In-Person Instruction Plan by clicking here. On this same webpage, you will also find the HSE Schools COVID-19 Data Dashboard. Data is updated each Monday with the previous week’s numbers of positive cases, those reporting COVID-related symptoms and close contacts.

Due to schools being closed for Winter Break, there may be a slight increase in the numbers as this week (Jan. 3 – Jan. 9) will include reports dating from December 28, 2021. However, we are recording the highest number of COVID positive cases since we began tracking.

At this time, masks will continue to be required in our schools as the advisory level for Hamilton County is red. You may review that metric by clicking here. Please be diligent in protecting yourself and others from COVID – and keep students home if they feel sick or show symptoms of illness. 

The Fishers Health Department has decided to make available priority PCR COVID testing for HSE students and staff beginning on Monday, Jan. 10. Testing is voluntary and will take place at the existing drive-thru site located at 4 Municipal Drive

Parents, guardians, and staff may visit the dedicated appointment website here to register for these prioritized testing appointments starting today. 

The Fishers Health Department will also be expanding their testing site hours to accommodate before and after school appointments.

HSE Schools continues to prioritize the health and safety of those in our school community, while doing our best to maintain “SIS” or students in school. This week, we have seen exemplary efforts to provide and/or maintain high-quality learning environments and services for our students that returned to school and commend all our staff for their dedication.

January 5, 2022
Dear HSE Families and Staff:

Thank you for being with us for another exciting year at Hamilton Southeastern. Like many, we remain hopeful that 2022 will be better for all – despite the current nationwide spike of COVID-19 cases we are seeing.

Before we started the new year, we shared an update to our COVID mitigation protocols. That information has now been added to our website and in the Return to In-Person Instruction Plan.

In addition, HSE Schools will follow the shortened quarantine period for students and staff as outlined in the most recent guidance from the CDCand the Indiana Department of Health.

Masks are still required at this time for all students and staff. Under this guidance, schools (with a mask requirement) do not have to quarantine individuals found to be in close contact with a positive case in the classroom, regardless of vaccination status.

If a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, regardless of vaccination status:

  • Stay home for 5 days from the onset of symptoms.
  • If the person has no symptoms or their symptoms are resolving (including no fever for 24 hours) after 5 days, they may come to school or work.

If a student or staff member is exposed to someone with Covid-19 in the classroom:

  • Continue to mask at all times in the classroom, test on Day 5 if possible – no required quarantine since HSE currently requires masks.

If a student or staff member is exposed to someone with Covid-19 outside of the classroom:

  • If fully vaccinated, including booster if eligible: 
    • May remain in school and continue to mask at all times in the classroom; test on Day 5 if possible.
  • If unvaccinated or partially vaccinated:
    • Stay home for 5 days; test on Day 5 if possible.
    • Return to class on Day 6 if asymptomatic or symptoms are resolving (including no fever for 24 hours).

We are monitoring cases in our schools and will notify you of any changes to our masking protocols. If school(s) go mask optional in the future, the following quarantine guidance will be followed:

If a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, regardless of vaccination status:

  • Stay home for 5 days.
  • Return to school on Day 6, if asymptomatic or symptoms are resolving (including no fever for 24 hours without medication).
  • Must wear mask at all times for additional 5 days in classroom (if unable to mask properly at all times, must remain isolated at home for full 10 days, returning Day 11).

If a fully-vaccinated student or staff member is exposed to someone with Covid-19 outside the classroom:

  • May remain in school as long as continue to be asymptomatic.
  • Must wear a mask at all times in classroom for at least 10 days (quarantine ends 10 days after the last day of exposure to the positive case).
  • Test on Day 5 if possible.
  • If symptoms develop, seek testing and isolate at home.
    • If positive, follow isolation guidance.
    • If negative, return to school when symptoms have resolved.

If an unvaccinated or partially vaccinated student or staff member is exposed to someone with COVID-19 outside of the classroom:

  • Stay home for 5 days.
  • Test on Day 5 if possible.
  • Return to school on Day 6, if still asymptomatic and continue to mask for an additional 5 days in classroom.
  • If symptoms develop, seek testing and isolate at home.
    • If positive, follow isolation guidance.
    • If negative, return to school when symptoms have resolved.

Please note, the CDC has also updated their definition of what is considered fully vaccinated and NOT fully vaccinated.

Individuals are considered fully vaccinated if you are:

  • Ages 5-17 have completed 2-dose series (Pfizer or Moderna).
  • 18-years and older have completed 2-dose series (Pfizer or Moderna) AND received a booster shot.
  • Less than 2 months since the J&J dose.

Individuals are NOT considered fully vaccinated if it has been:

  • More than 6 months since the last dose of a 2-dose series (Pfizer or Moderna) and have NOT received a booster shot (for individuals 18-years and older).
  • More than 2 months for J&J and have NOT received a booster shot.
  • Not vaccinated or have not completed the series.

Families may contact the school nurse or your pediatrician with any questions. Vaccinations may be scheduled at www.ourshot.in.gov.

Thank you for your patience and support as we begin our second semester of the 2021-22 school year.

December 27, 2021
Dear HSE Families and Staff:

We hope you are enjoying the holidays with your loved ones, keeping safe and healthy during this break.

We look forward to starting another year and we hope it will bring - renewed interest, fresh ideas and exciting instruction methods to meet the needs of all learners.

The health and safety of our school community will remain a top priority. We will continue to listen to our local, state and federal health experts in regard to mitigating COVID-19. We will also monitor the number of COVID positives and quarantines in our schools.

As a reminder, classes resume on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, with masks required. We will use this time to review COVID-related cases in our individual schools. Information from the Indiana COVID-19 Data Report and our internal COVID-19 Data Dashboard will also be utilized going forward to determine if masks will be optional or required in schools during the second semester.

If the Hamilton County COVID-19 Advisory Level is Bluefor two consecutive weeks*:

·       Masks will be optional in all schools. 

o   Contact tracing and quarantines will be based on a 6-foot radius. 

If the Hamilton County COVID-19 Advisory Level is Yellow/ Orange for two consecutive weeks*:

·       Schools that are below a 4% quarantine rate based on student population during the two-week period will be mask optional.

o   Contact tracing and quarantines will be based on a 6-foot radius.

·       Masks will be required for schools that are at or above a 4% quarantine rate based on student population.  

o   Contact tracing and quarantines will be based on a 3-foot radius in classrooms and a 6-foot radius in all other settings where masks are not worn (IE. lunch, choir, band, P.E., ECAs).  

If the Hamilton County COVID-19 Advisory Level isRed for two consecutive weeks*: 

·       Masks will be required in all schools. 

o   Contact tracing and quarantines will be based on a 3-foot radius in classrooms and a 6-foot radius in all other settings where masks are not worn (IE. lunch, choir, band, P.E., ECAs).  

Due to the extension of a federal mandate, masks are required to be worn by all individuals riding the school bus regardless of the county advisory level.

We will review the data on the second and fourth Friday of each month to determine masking protocols. Any changes to masking protocols will be delivered via Skylert.  

*Please note, should the percentages begin to rise in a particular school, masks may be required regardless of the current Hamilton County COVID-19 Advisory Level.

Thank you again for your patience and support during this time. We hope you enjoy the remainder of your Winter Break.

December 10, 2021

Hello, HSE Families.

I start this update on an important topic and dangerous trend.


Across the country, school districts have been dealing with an influx of violent threats.

These threats are most often being circulated on social media, resulting in police investigations, and causing uneasiness and fear among students and staff members. Please know we take all threats of school violence seriously and immediately share that information with Fishers Police Department for investigation. 

Students, it does not matter if you make a threat in a joking manner; it will result in consequences by your school and may even lead to criminal charges by law enforcement. We will continue to remain diligent in our safety efforts, but we need your help in doing so. 

Parents, this subject will be discussed at a special Twilight Town Hall hosted Fishers Chief of Police Ed Gebhart in partnership with Hamilton Southeastern Schools on December 16 at 8 p.m. Please RSVP here. and you may submit your questions or topics for discussion here

In other happenings, new school boundary lines have been decided upon and approved by the School Board this week. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone who shared their input during this process, which is never easy and often filled with mixed emotions. More information will be forthcoming to those elementary families that have been impacted. 

We continue to look for talented people to join us in helping prepare the next generation for their future. If you are looking for a worthwhile career in public education and were unable to make it to our Job Opportunity Fair, you can check out what positions are available by clicking here.

As we prepare to close out 2021, we are closely monitoring COVID cases among our students and staff. We will have an update for you at a later time regarding our mask.

We have only one week left until Winter Break. Let’s take full advantage of this time and end 2021 on a high note!

November 23, 2021
Students, staff and families:
I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope that you will have time to rest and recharge over the holiday. I know that many of you have been looking forward to having this time to spend with friends and family. 
But first, some good news to share with you. Earlier this month, the Indiana Department of Education released the results from the spring and summer 2021 IREAD-3 assessment. I am very proud to say that out of all the school corporations in the state, testing 1,000 third graders or more, Hamilton Southeastern had the strongest performance with a 94.7% pass rate. The results of this test measure the development of foundational reading skills by third grade. Way to go, HSE! 
Now I would like to share a couple of quick items to keep on your radar when school resumes on Monday, Nov. 29.

  • 12/1/21 – School Board Work Session at 5 p.m.
The focus of this meeting will be on redefining school boundaries and it is open to the public.
  • 12/1/21 – 1/14/21  Annual Holiday Light Recycling Program
Look out for the collection bins for your unwanted or unusable lights at each school.
  • 12/8/21 – School Board Meeting at 7 p.m. 
We anticipate a decision to be made on the new school boundaries for the opening of Deer Creek.
  • 12/9/21 – Job Opportunity Fair from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. inside the College and Career Academy at Fishers High School. 

This event is for anyone wanting to give their time and talents to serving our more than 21,000 students. 
And speaking of giving back to our school community -- The Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation has information about how you can make an impact next Tuesday! 
The Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation was founded in 2001 to benefit every student, every grade, and every school within HSE Schools. HSEF is rooted in innovation and the mission to bring the next best practices in education home to local students and teachers.  

Next Tuesday, Nov. 30 is an important day -- it’s GIVING TUESDAY! Giving Tuesday was created as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. It has grown into a global movement that inspires millions of people to give and celebrate generosity.
We need your help to make this Giving Tuesday the best one yet! 
Firstmake a donation online at HSE Foundation.org.
Then, take a picture proclaiming why you gave using the Unselfie sign from the website. Use #HSEFunselfie and tag @hsefoundation on social media.
Finally, feel great this holiday season. Because of you, local students and staff at all 22 schools will not only benefit from Foundation funding and initiatives, but also feel support from our entire community. 

Follow HSEF on social media using @hsefoundation for opportunities throughout the day when donations will be matched, doubling your donation!
Making a donation, big or small, sends a message of support to our HSE community showing how much we care. We hope to see your Unselfie next Tuesday!

November 12, 2021
“Thank you to our students, staff, and families for your ability to flex and pivot with us as we continue to work to provide a safe and healthy learning environment. 
COVID is still unfortunately a part of our daily lives and something we must continue to consider when making decisions that affect our community. 
This week, our 13 elementary schools were able to ease playground restrictions – no longer having to keep students in their cohorts or outdoor zones. 
There has been much discussion lately on having a “mask optional” policy in our schools, especially now that children ages 5 to 11 years old may receive the COVID vaccine. While it was discussed at Wednesday’s school board meeting, no changes have been made at this time. However, we anticipate changes to go into effect with the start of second semester. My goal from the beginning of the year has been “SIS” or “students in school” and I can assure you that will remain my focus in 2022. 
Updates have been made regarding Redefining Boundaries in anticipation of the opening of Deer Creek Elementary. Feedback submitted through an online form and comments shared at a recent Public Information Meeting, resulted in a new scenario being created that still meets the objective. I encourage families, especially those with K-4, to review the maps and presentations found here
Now, some exciting news to share with you that comes with a call to action!
We are launching a new program to identify and honor our employees, in their contributions and service to HSE Schools, that exemplify our mission. 
We’re calling it the ‘R.A.V.E’ Review, which stands for Recognizing All Valuable Employees. That means, you may submit an online nomination for any staff member, at any time. We hope you will take part in this effort that will bring joy and remind our HSE staff of the incredible responsibility they play in educating our youth and preparing them for tomorrow’s world.
I would be remiss to not give nod to those who have served in the military. We hope you had a great Veterans Day and we continue to celebrate your contributions. No matter what, we are #BetterTogetherHSE. 
Thank you for watching.”

October 29, 2021
Hello, HSE Family. Can you believe we are already into the second quarter of the school year?

I am thankful each day for the opportunity to have our students in school -- or what I like to say “SIS” and learning from our talented staff that make HSE one of the top districts in the state. 
HSE Schools is desirable place to work and learn. As you are aware, we are having to build a new, larger elementary building, effectively replacing Durbin Elementary in fall of 2022. 
This week, we held a community information meeting to share preliminary boundary options aimed at alleviating some of the overcrowding issues that currently exist at Southeastern Elementary and ensure a successful opening of Deer Creek.
Currently, this process is focused on K-4 students residing in northeast area of our school district. I encourage all families to review the Redefining Boundary Lines to learn more. 

We also have a question and feedback form available. Any comments that are submitted now through Tuesday, Nov. 2 will be helpful to us as we present on the topic during a work session with the School Board on Thursday, Nov. 4  at 5 p.m. This meeting is open to the public, but it will not be livestreamed. 
In other important news: back in August, I shared with you about the number of supply chain issues across the country because of the pandemic. HSE Food Services was feeling the effects of that shortage and continues to do so. Please be aware changes to the school menus may occur based on product availability. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.
Parents of current eighth graders, you should have received email notification regarding the Freshman Choice Application process. The deadline to apply is Friday, December 10. 
As a reminder, we have a district-wide eLearning Day scheduled for Friday, November 12. This time allows for our staff members to have professional development. 
And finally, good luck to all students participating in games, competitions, and other events this weekend. Be safe and have fun! 

October 13, 2021
Progress continues at the site of our new elementary school in Wayne Township. As you may be aware, the opening of Deer Creek, will necessitate redefining boundary lines.

It is our hope this process will impact only a minimum number of K-4 students residing on the northeast side of our school district. Deer Creek Elementary will have a larger building capacity than Durbin Elementary, and once complete will help alleviate some of the overcrowding issues that currently exist at Southeastern Elementary.

We understand that any change, big or small, can be stressful. We invite families to learn more about this process and share your input during a public information meeting on Tuesday, October 26 at 6 p.m. in the main cafeteria at Hamilton Southeastern High School (Enter Door #1).

If you have questions about the redefining boundary lines process, we created a webpage that will be updated regularly with new information. You can click here or find it under the “Happenings” tab on hseschools.org.

We are very excited about the August 2022 opening of Deer Creek Elementary on 146th and Boden Road, and invite you to drive by and see the on-going construction.

We appreciate your time and help in this important process. 

October 8, 2021
October is filled with many celebrations, holidays, observances, and awareness days. But I would like to take a moment to recognize our school administrators as we mark National Principals Month.  
The past year-and-a-half has ushered in some unique challenges. Yet our principals have overcome and led their schools with tireless determination to protect the health and safety of their school community while ensuring students’ academic success. Please help us honor these great leaders. They are an integral part of Hamilton Southeastern. 
Also beginning this month, students will be asked to complete our bi-annual Panorama survey
We have been utilizing Panorama Education since 2019 to capture student voice and allow students to express their perspectives about teaching and learning, culture and climate, and their classroom experiences.
To clear up misunderstanding about the survey and its purpose, we will be hosting an online parent night next Tuesday, October 12 at 7:30 via Zoom. If you are unable to attend, a recording of the meeting will be available the following day. 
We have also posted the complete Panorama survey and answers to some frequently asked questions. Schools will offer the survey to students between October 25 - November 15.
Finally, I have a call to action. We are in a critical need of substitute teachers. If you have some flexibility in your schedule and the desire to serve your community and schools, please consider applying to be a sub. We need you. 
Thank you for your continued support of HSE Schools. And remember, we are #BetterTogetherHSE!

September 24, 2021
We are excited to have a new, state-of-the-art elementary building in Wayne Township that will give us the much-needed space for our continued growing student population in that area.

But opening Deer Creek will also mean that some of our students will be reassigned since Durbin Elementary will no longer be used as a traditional K-4 building.

During the next several weeks, you will be receiving more information about what we are calling “redefining boundary lines.” We are not referring to this process as “redistricting.”

Why – you may ask?

With “redefining boundary lines,” it is our hope that only a minimum number of students will be affected in order to fill the new school and relieve overcrowding at others.

As we have done in the past, we will post regular updates to our website. We will also be announcing dates and times for you to learn more and share your input.

It is our goal to release a board-approved plan in December, giving families who may be impacted plenty of notice. Stay tuned!

We announced earlier this week – one of our buildings has garnered national recognition. Thorpe Creek Elementary is a 2021 Blue Ribbon School. This is the highest award given to schools by the United States Department of Education.

I commend the administration, teachers, staff, students, and parents of TCE for their hard work, dedication, and high expectations for each learner, which has led to their academic growth and success.

I also want to highlight a unique program that is taking place at Fishers High School. Experts from Duke Energy Midwest and POWER Engineers kicked-off an 8-week STEAM competition, exposing students to disciplines such as: science, technology, engineering, arts, and math using real-world, hands-on scenarios to solve a problem.

We are thankful for community partners like these, that are willing to invest in our students because we are #BetterTogetherHSE.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

September 21, 2021
U.S. Department of Education Announces 2021 National Blue Ribbon Schools

Thorpe Creek Elementary receives highest national recognition awarded to schools.

Thorpe Creek Elementary was recognized today by U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona as one of the National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2021. The recognition is based on a school’s overall academic performance or progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups.

“This year’s cohort of honorees demonstrates what is possible when committed educators and school leaders create vibrant, welcoming, and affirming school cultures where rich teaching and learning can flourish,” said Secretary Cardona. “I commend all our Blue Ribbon honorees for working to keep students healthy and safe while meeting their academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs. In the face of unprecedented circumstances, you found creative ways to engage, care for, protect, and teach our children. Blue Ribbon Schools have so much to offer and can serve as a model for other schools and communities so that we can truly build back better.”

The coveted National Blue Ribbon Schools award affirms the hard work of educators, families, and communities in creating safe and welcoming schools where students master challenging and engaging content. 

Thorpe Creek Elementary principal Sara Curran credits the school’s universal belief among staff and parents that all students are unique and capable. “This shared mindset drives high expectations and responsive instruction for each learner at TCE,” Curran said.

“We are very excited to have another one of our great schools be recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School. Our teachers, staff, students, parents, and community work together to create such an environment that fosters academic excellence and continued success, and I am proud to see Thorpe Creek’s commitment to learning recognized,” said Superintendent Dr. Yvonne Stokes of Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

Now in its 39th year, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program has bestowed approximately 10,000 awards to more than 9,000 schools. The Department recognizes all schools in one of two performance categories, based on all student scores, subgroup student scores and graduation rates:

  • Exemplary High-Performing Schools are among their state’s highest performing schools as measured by state assessments or nationally normed tests.
  • Exemplary Achievement Gap-Closing Schools are among their state’s highest performing schools in closing achievement gaps between a school’s student groups and all students.

This year, 325 schools were recognized, and Thorpe Creek was one of seven Indiana schools to receive the national honor. Hamilton Southeastern Schools is home to five other National Blue Ribbon Schools.

To hear more about Thorpe Creek's top honor, click here

September 2, 2021
As part of the executive order issued Wednesday by Governor Eric Holcomb, our COVID protocols for contact tracing and quarantining are changing. We are able to do this because we require students, teachers, staff and visitors to our schools to wear a mask. 
Please watch Superintendent Dr. Stokes’ video update about this change. CLICK HERE.
What do these changes mean for you?
Students and staff, who are masked in a classroom setting or on a school bus and identified as close contacts, will NOT have to quarantine if they are NOT showing any symptoms.

  • Close contacts will need to diligently monitor for daily symptoms of COVID-19.
  • If symptoms arise, the individual(s) will need to stay at home or be picked up from school.
PLEASE NOTE: This change does NOT apply to indoor activities such as: lunch, band, choir or extracurriculars where masks are not typically worn at all times. If identified as a close contact in these situations, the current quarantine guidelines found in the  Return to In-Person Instruction Plan will apply.
When do these changes take effect?
The new quarantine protocols will go into effect on Tuesday, September 7. This allows our building administrative teams and nurses to evaluate the various situations in which students are currently quarantined. You will be notified by your building regarding any changes to the date of return for your student.
Will you still notify all close contacts if they are exposed to a COVID positive individual?
We will continue to notify anyone identified as a close contact. The information must also be reported to local and state health officials. We will maintain our COVID Dashboard, which is updated on Monday mornings.

August 13, 2021
We have made it through a partial and  first full week of the new school year, and I believe I speak for most for when I say -- the return of students to our buildings has given us a renewed sense of purpose and appreciation to work alongside you and your family once again. 
I also would like to thank you for your understanding and patience as we ramped up operations following a year without being at full capacity. Last year was tough, and we had hoped this year would be as close to pre-COVID times for our students and staff as possible. Unfortunately, we are still living in a pandemic. 
As you know, our community and state are experiencing an increase in COVID-positive cases due the highly contagious, circulating Delta variant. Our schools are not immune to this trend. Since classes began, we have tracked 80 positive cases in our student population and more than 500 students have been notified as being a close contact. 
Due to the spike in numbers and the updated guidance from healthcare officials, beginning on Monday, August 16, masks will be required for all students and staff, K through 12, when indoors during the school day, regardless of vaccination status. 
I know this will not make everyone happy, but it is my goal to protect our students and staff and keep our schools open and running
This change is reflective of what local and state health departments have messaged to schools. 
A benefit of universal masking is that it will allow us to limit the number of students and staff quarantined by contact tracing at 3-feet versus at 6-feet in the classroom-setting only.
Another change we are making is reducing the length of quarantine for unvaccinated students and staff. The CDC gives options for reduced quarantine which include: 
  • 10-day quarantine with return to school on day 11, or 
  • 7-day quarantine with a return to school on day 8, if a negative PCR test was obtained on day 5, 6 or 7 from date of exposure. (Result must be given to school nurse ​prior to student's return to school.) 
In both circumstances, individuals will need to be symptom-free and will also need to maintain distancing and increase personal hygiene for the full the 14 days. 
Please remember, these changes are what we believe will keep our students learning in-person, in their classrooms -- and that is our goal. 
You can review these updates and more in our Return to In-person Instruction Plan, which can be downloaded from our website.


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