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Board Room
All You Need to Know About the School Board

September 29, 2020

The school board of any school district has a large impact on children, parents and in general, most citizens within that community. The board facilitates the hours, days and means in which children attend school. They also organize transportation for students, set up the yearly budget for the district and much more. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that many members’ terms on the board are almost up, it is more important now than ever to be informed on the happenings within the school district, and how the Hamilton Southeastern School Board functions. 
For starters, the school board acts very similarly to how a legislative branch of government would. The members of the board are elected by the people within the community that they serve, and when their term limit is up, they either are reelected or replaced by a new member. 
The board president’s job is one of great importance. It encompasses communication between the other board members and the superintendent, so that the members have accurate information about the happenings within the district. Then, they work together to create policies that affect how the school district functions. Policies are then voted on and, if a majority vote in favor of it, then it passes and is enacted within the district. Because policy is about the happenings within the school district, each member remains nonpartisan; this makes the board a nonpartisan entity.
The actual board meetings of our school district are run similarly to the board meetings across the country. Like most boards, they set and put out an agenda before the meeting occurs to illustrate what the meeting will include that day. For example, some parts of a typical agenda include reciting the pledge of allegiance or holding time for public comments. 
School board meetings typically happen one to three times each month but, in times of emergency, for example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they can meet more frequently. Each meeting has a certain format that it abides by which splits the meeting into a particular number of sections. Certain sections that are pretty common throughout all meetings are: the meeting opening, action items and information items. Whichever section the meeting is currently in determines what they will be discussing at that given moment. 
Each meeting is open to the community, so anyone who wants to be involved can come watch and voice their opinions on what is being discussed. Currently, only a certain amount of people are allowed in the building, as social distancing measures are required; however, the meetings are broadcast on the HSE schools website, so anyone who isn’t able to attend the meeting can watch it there. The policy that they discuss can also be found through the website. While the community can be involved, it’s important to note that each individual doesn’t have a direct say in what the school board passes. 
The Hamilton Southeastern school board has proven to be integral to its community, especially during times like these. It impacts the lives of many families within the school district by determining how and when children go back to school, along with various other details. That is why it is important that the community of Fishers understands how the school board functions and the best ways to get involved. 
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