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CATS volunteer and students approach recycling as a community project(photo credited to catshse.weebly.com)
Creating Action Through Service

November 01, 2019

Generating and producing their own service projects, Students in Action club committees at Fishers High School take community to the next level. Initiated just four years ago, Students in Action is a club where small committees identify a need in the community and launch student-led operations in response.
One of Students in Action's most developed committees is CATS, or Creating Actions Through Service. “It's kind of like a mini Students in Action for elementary schools,” says CATS coordinator Emma Giger. CATS high schoolers collaborate with Purdue University to provide elementary school teachers with curriculum resources to design service projects, then work personally with the classroom to plan and deliver the project they designed. When they are not aiding in classrooms, CATS volunteers direct professional development days for teachers. Professional development days offer the opportunity for teachers to learn more about project-based learning in the classroom and to brainstorm project ideas with fellow teachers.
CATS past projects include crafting “Forever Home” posters for adoptable pets at the local Humane shelter and hand-crafting bracelets in order to raise money for the community garden. The projects bridge the gap between elementary and high schools; they give elementary students the chance to learn life skills associated with community work and provide a tangible use for skills they learn in the classroom. For high schoolers, CATS provides the opportunity to complete the HSE21 standards, earn community service hours, and be a leader in the community. “That's why it's important,” says the Students in Action sponsor Eduardo Torres. “If we don't develop students who understand empathy and more important understand how to help, we will not move forward as a society.”
Overall, CATS intends to expand throughout the district. CATS envision themselves connecting to an ambassador from every school in the district, as well as working with a greater percentage of high school students in order to lead more classrooms overall. CATS is available at events like the HSEvening of Innovation every year to meet teachers and students or through email at catshse@gmail.com. For more questions about CATS, visit www.catshse.weebly.com.
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