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eLearning Friday FAQ

September 21, 2022

What is an eLearning day?
An eLearning day is an IDOE-approved instructional day that can be used to make up instructional time using technology. HSE Schools will be utilizing an eLearning day for days earmarked for staff professional development. An official eLearning date will be declared for attendance purposes; however, students will have a ‘window’ of dates to complete their assignments.

What does an eLearning day look like for students on an eLearning Friday?
Students will receive online instructional content provided by their teachers. These lessons will be interactive and relate to the curriculum for the specific class. On an eLearning Friday, students will not have access to their teachers as they will be involved in professional development throughout the day. Teachers will have eLearning content posted to Canvas no later than 8:00 a.m. of an eLearning day.

- For grades PK-4, eLearning will be communicated in the eLearning section of the teacher’s Canvas course.

- For grades 5-12, eLearning will be communicated via the announcement section in Canvas.

As a general guideline, eLearning assignments/activities should take between 20-30 minutes per class/content area. At the PK-4 level where assignments/activities blend across multiple content areas, the teacher will communicate about how long the assignment/activity should take to complete.

How many eLearning days can occur?
These will only be used for our three eLearning PD Fridays. 

When will an eLearning assignment be due for an eLearning Friday?
For an eLearning Friday, assignments will be due by the end of the school day Monday for grades PK-4 and the next time the class meets for grades 5-12 (for our schools on block schedule that may be Monday or Tuesday).

Will the eLearning work be taken for a grade?
Teachers will have discretion to determine if an eLearning assignment will count for a grade or not. 

What if students have questions about their assignments?
On an eLearning Friday, teachers will not be available during the day; however, students may reach out to teachers via email, and teachers may respond if they are able prior to school the following Monday.

What if the student does not have their device at home?  What if the student does not have access to the internet?
Students may complete eLearning assignments on any device available to them and use any internet connection available to them (friend’s house, library, etc.). Because it is known when the eLearning Fridays will occur, students should make sure to have their technology with them.

How does my student log into Canvas?
Canvas resources for students, including log in information, can be found here.

How will attendance be taken?
Attendance will be taken by students logging into Canvas on the eLearning day.
If you have further questions regarding the eLearning day(s), you are encourage to speak with your teachers.
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