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German Students Compete at Staatskongress 2020

March 11, 2020

On February 15 at Ball State University, HSE German students competed at Staatskongress, the Academic and Cultural competition open to all German students in the state of Indiana. This year nearly 500 students were involved representing 23 schools.

Academic teams tested their German skills while students also participated in cultural competitions and workshops, enjoyed a banquet of German food and danced traditional German dances to the live music of the Jay Fox Band. Students were also able to practice their spoken German by talking with college students and earning Sprachgeld, which they redeemed at the Jahrmarkt for souvenirs and candy imported from Germany.

Hamilton Southeastern High School contributed the following officers to the Indiana Association of Students of German, the organization that sponsors Staatskongress:
IASG President 2018-20 Hayden Sizemore
IASG Representatives Morgan Albertson and Eric Gadberry
Staatskongress Awards
Riverside Junior High:  First Place Junior High in State, Third Place School Overall in State
First Place Winners (all Level 1):
Anna Williams – Photo Essay, Posters/Charts/Maps, Kuchen/Torten; Matt Stidham – Geography, Grammar (tied with Howard Langston); Howard Langston – Grammar (tied with Matt Stidham).
Second Place Winners (all Level 1): Howard Langston – Dictation; Ashley Jackson – Sight Reading (tied with Alma Mason of FJH); Matt Stidham – Talent/Music.
Third Place Winners (all Level 1): Howard Langston – Sight Reading, Posters/Charts/Maps; Ashley Jackson – Declamation Memory (Poetry Recitation).
Rounding out the Team: Alex May and Marissa Moore.
Fishers Junior High School: Second Place Junior High in State, Fourth Place School Overall in State
First Place Winners (all Level 1):  Melissa Koch – Sight Reading; Talent/Music (performed with Alma Mason), Reading for Comprehension; Alma Mason – Directed Dialog, Talent/Music (performed with Melissa Koch); Lukas House (Heritage Speaker) - Sight Reading, Impromptu Speaking; Joseph Rhodes – Culture Project, Marzipan Figuren; Ava Haan – Declamation Memory (Poetry Recitation); Mohib Saeed – Creating German Games; Blake Hansen – Bread/Rolls.
Second Place Winners (all Level 1): Blake Hansen – Declamation Memory (Poetry Recitation), Geography; Alma Mason – Sight Reading (tied with Ashley Jackson of RJH); Mohib Saeed – Posters/Maps/Charts; Gavin Johnson – Creating German Games; Ava Haan – Reading for Comprehension; Zamaria Davis – Culture Project; Aston Zhang – Bread/Rolls.
Third Place Winners (all Level 1): Aston Zhang – Sight Reading, Art; Kennedy Giles - Reading for Comprehension; Austin Martz – Impromptu Speaking; Joey Michalowicz – Spelling; Ava Haan – Bread/Rolls; Blake Hansen – Cookies.
Rounding out the Team: Matthias Snellenberger and Mason Ritchhart.
Fishers High School: Fourth Place High School in State
First Place Winners: Zach Battraw (Level 4) - Declamation Memory (Poetry Recitation), Impromptu Speaking; Isabella Roberson (Level 3) – Vocabulary; Robert Lyon (Level 2) – Kuchen/Torten.
Second Place Winners: Emily Wojt (Level 4) – Dictation, Declamation Memory (Poetry Recitation); Jessica Halamka (Level 3) – Declamation Memory (Poetry Recitation); Alex Landis (Level 2) – Cookies; Quiz Bowl Team Level 2 consisting of Holly Madison, Kinly Daughtery, Allison Klodzen, Miles Jenkins.
Third Place Winners: Elaine Murphy (Level 4) – Declamation Memory (Poetry Recitation); Ella Hart (Level 3) - Talent/Music; Jessica Halamka (Level 3) - Kuchen/Torten; Holly Madison (Level 2) – Grammar (tied with Allison Klodzen); Allison Klodzen (Level 2) - Grammar (tied with Holly Madison).
Rounding out the Team: Riley Cristat, Dylan Dragoo, Andrew Geiger, Basil Koch, Emerson Kolb, Zoe McHenry, Hanna Moore, Matthew Mozingo, Brynna Rice, Alex Smith, Michael Van Ausdall.
Hamilton Southeastern High School: Thirteenth Place High School in State
First Place Winner: Brianna Stewart (Level 3) – Talent/Music.
Rounding out the Team: Morgan Albertson, Shane Collins, Eric Gadberry, Sarah Gadberry, Alexander Jurkovich, Cassie Kalb, Hayden Sizemore, Kylah Willard.
Fall Creek Junior High:
Team Members: Veronica Elfreich and Gavin Hall.
Faculty Members:
Robin Geisinger judged Academic Competitions; Fran Reigle judged Cultural Competitions; Susan Roberts offered four workshops on the Calligraphy of Fraktur.
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