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HSEvening of Innovation Fosters Ideas, Collaboration

June 12, 2018

FISHERS, IN: For the thousands of people who attended the inaugural HSEvening of Innovation on May 2, the term HSE21 now has real meaning and value.
Lined up and down the hallways in the College and Career Center at Hamilton Southeastern High School were more than 80 different exhibits, all manned by students and teachers who were excited to share their learning with others.
Each booth had a life of its own, fueled by students’ passions and driven by their desires to solve real-world problems.
“HSE21 is not about strictly using technology in the classroom,” says Director of Educational Technologies Jeff Harrison, “but it’s about equipping students with the knowledge, unique skills and tools they need to contribute positively in the community and succeed in a 21st century global economy.”
The idea to host a large-scale event to showcase projects from all disciplines and grade levels was developed after HSE Schools Superintendent Dr. Allen Bourff tasked staff to come up with modes to best communicate HSE21 to families.
The district first coined the term in 2011 when it adopted a 21st century learning model, aimed to prepare students for success in a globally-connected world by incorporating meaningful and authentic learning.
“The business community is challenging the schools to develop collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills in our students,” says Superintendent Dr. Allen Bourff. “This is not accomplished using traditional strategies that have been successful in the past. The HSEvening of Innovation was a demonstration of teaching practices in which student inquiry drives the effort and when the walls that separate academic disciplines and authentic experiences disappear.”
Topics covered at the event ranged from, insect farming as a solution for world hunger to students developing prototypes and then building chairs made of cardboard. There were also several areas where both children and adults could interact with hands-on activities such as, attempting to create a simple machine in 10 minutes that would launch a marshmallow.
“My hope was that people would leave the event with a better understanding of HSE21 and the breadth and depth of learning as it occurs in our district,” said Instructional Technology Coach Susan Drumm.
Drumm adds the event was also designed to inspire teachers and parents, so they could be reminded how school is changing in positive ways.
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