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Assistant Principal Goodwin is excited and hoping for the best!
Goodwin Attempts To Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

September 13, 2019

After pursuing his dreams for over 13 years, Fishers High School Assistant Principal Kyle Goodwin is closer than ever before to being casted on the nationally known television show “Survivor”. As a finalist in the month-long recruiting process, Goodwin has completed both rounds of interviews and is awaiting final confirmation.

“Survivor” first premiered on CBS in 2000. At the time, Goodwin was 12 years old. Five years later, Goodwin applied at 18 and has auditioned for a position every year since. Although it used to also include a 15-page questionnaire, application for “Survivor” now requires a three-minute video from each contestant about anything they think could get them on the show. Goodwin’s first audition consisted of Goodwin running shirtless and shoeless through the snow, but the 2019 application was a video of him sitting in an office and talking to the camera about himself.

There are three steps to an audition for “Survivor”. Interested applicants first submit the three-minute video. Impressive candidates are invited by reviewers to attend a regional interview and, if they continue to stand out, attend a national interview where they participate in both an individual and a group activity. This year, Goodwin’s audition has helped him make it further than ever before, advancing to not only the regional interview but the national one as well. “I’m learning that they’re really just looking for someone who can tell a good story.” says Goodwin.

Once casted on “Survivor,” contestants outlast one another by building relationships and voting each other out. When there are only three participants left in the competition, contestants who have already been voted out for the season choose one of the remaining participants to win 1 million dollars. As someone who easily builds relationships, Goodwin can see himself performing well on the show. Being casted would be a validation of his childhood dreams and participating would be an unforgettable experience. “I’m really big into adventure,” says Goodwin. “And this just seems like the ultimate adventure.”
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