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Redefining Boundary Lines

Skylert to affected families 1/28/22:

As we prepare for the next school year, 2022-23, we would like to help make the transition for you and your student(s) as easy as possible.
As you may recall, the Board of School Trustees passed a plan in December to redefine school boundaries in order to accommodate the opening of Deer Creek Elementary. You can review the proposal and process by clicking here. The approved plan will take effect in August 2022, and impacts elementary students in the following neighborhoods:
Reassigned to Deer Creek Elementary:
Autumn Breeze Apartments
Deer Path West
Meadows of Shelborne
Blue Ridge
Flagstone Woods
Summerland Park
Turnberry at the Park
Waterman Crossing
Reassigned to Harrison Parkway:
Deer Chase Apartments
Reassigned to Thorpe Creek Elementary:
You are encouraged to verify your student(s) assigned school for the 2022-23 school year by entering your address into this boundary map. If you have further questions, contact Julie Hays, Student Services Coordinator, at jhays@hse.k12.in.us.
  • For students affected by the new boundaries and would like to remain at their current school, a Transfer Appeal must be submitted.
  • For students that were assigned to attend a non-home school for the 2021-22 school year to ease overcrowding issues at Southeastern Elementary and would like to remain at their current non-home school next year, a Transfer Appeal must be submitted.
PLEASE NOTE: Completion of the Transfer Appeal form does not guarantee your student(s) will be granted this accommodation and transportation will not be provided to students attending a non-home school.
We look forward to continuing to work with your family. Details about open houses, school tours and other welcome events will be forthcoming to ensure a successful transition for all reassigned students.

New School Boundaries Approved for the Opening of Deer Creek Elementary

A recommendation to redefine school boundaries was passed by the Board of School Trustees 6-1 on Wednesday night (12/8/21). The change is necessary to open Deer Creek Elementary and help ease overcrowding at nearby Southeastern Elementary School.

As part of the approved plan (Scenario D), the following neighborhoods will be reassigned elementary boundaries starting in school year 2022-23:

Reassigned to Deer Creek Elementary -

Autumn Breeze Apartments

Deer Path West

Meadows of Shelborne

Blue Ridge

Flagstone Woods

Summerland Park

Waterman Crossing

Turnberry at the Park

Reassigned to Harrison Parkway Elementary -

Deer Chase Apartments

Reassigned to Thorpe Creek Elementary -


All current Durbin Elementary students will also be attending Deer Creek next fall as the building will be repurposed for other needs.  

“This process is never easy and often filled with mixed emotions. We were faced with the difficult challenge of moving students to a different school to open Deer Creek Elementary and lower enrollment at Southeastern Elementary,” said Dr. Yvonne Stokes. “Because of that, we spent a considerable amount of time examining every possible scenario and listening to the input of our stakeholders.”

The redefining school boundaries process began with three scenarios. A fourth option and a modified version was added for additional review after receiving feedback from board members and the community.

The scenarios were closely examined and discussed by administration before Wednesday’s vote.

More information will be released in the coming weeks for those students and families impacted by the changes. Hamilton Southeastern Schools will be working closely with all families to ensure a smooth transition. Details about open houses, school tours and other welcome events will be forthcoming.  


Redefining Boundary Lines Process

Hamilton Southeastern Schools will be opening an additional elementary school in fall 2022! Deer Creek Elementary, located in Wayne Township off of Boden Road, will effectively replace Durbin Elementary.

It is our hope this process will impact only a minimum number of K-4 students residing on the northeast side of our school district. Deer Creek Elementary will have a larger building capacity than Durbin Elementary, and once complete will help alleviate some of the overcrowding issues that currently exist at Southeastern Elementary.

Downloadable Presentations
Public Information Meeting on 10/26, CLICK HERE.  
Board Work Session on 11/4, CLICK HERE
Board Work Session on 12/1, CLICK HERE

School Board Meeting on 12/8, CLICK HERE.


NOTE: Scenario D (added 11.4.21) was created for board discussion using feedback received from the Community Information Meeting and online submission form.

Frequently Asked Questions
Updated 11/5/2021

“Have you taken into consideration the new neighborhoods being planned/built during this process?” 
Yes, we are tracking new developments and working to develop a plan that will allow for additional growth in the area surrounding Deer Creek Elementary.
“We live in Silverton, and we were already moved during the last redistricting. My son attended Thorpe Creek for kindergarten then moved to Southeastern for first grade. I do not think it is okay to have us move again.”
We understand that redefining boundaries/redistricting can be a stressful process and we do not take the impact it may cause lightly. Residential proximity to a school is one of several important factors to be considered in this process. Grade-level representation, student demographics, school programming availability is also taken into consideration during this process.
“We were wondering about the intersection in front of Deer Creek Elementary (156th & Boden), if that will be a roundabout or stop light? Also, will the school zone speed limit signs be on 156th and Boden to help make travel safer during school hours?
According to the City of Noblesville, the plan is to put a roundabout at the intersection of 156th and Boden Rd. There will also be coordination with the City and County to establish a school zone on roads around Deer Creek Elementary.

“I don’t feel like redistricting our neighborhood to Deer Creek is a good option. This would double our students’ commute time to school and would add a highly congested roundabout at Olio and Southeastern to the route.”
Buses would be routed to avoid that area and would travel north of that traffic pattern around HTC.
“I am concerned about the safety of our community traveling to Deer Creek with the school being on other side of I69.”
All bus routes would go north of the higher traffic areas as they make their way to Deer Creek Elementary.
“For those who live in the country, how will moving from Durbin to Deer Creek Elementary effect bus route times for students?”  
Depending on your current location to Durbin Elementary, you may see little additional time added to your student’s route. This would be due in part because of the proximity of your home to Deer Creek. We are not experiencing a bus shortage that is impacting routes currently. We will continue to train and hire new staff to ensure we can offer the best service possible.

Why are we having to redefine boundary lines? 
The primary reason for redefining boundary lines is the opening of Deer Creek Elementary School in fall 2022. Our district continues to experience growth and a shift in population from the west to the east. With the opening of Deer Creek, it will alleviate some of the overcrowding issues at other elementary schools and allows for future student growth within Wayne Township.
Why is this process called “redefining boundary lines” and not redistricting?
With “redefining boundary lines,” it is our hope that only a minimum number of students will be affected to fill the new school and relieve overcrowding at others.
When will school boundary changes go into effect? 
The new school boundaries will go into effect in fall 2022. 
What are the goals for redefining the boundary lines? 
To the greatest extent possible, we hope this will accomplish the following:    
  • Provide capacity at schools with the greatest potential for growth.
  • Consider overall district average for the Southeastern Elementary demographic group in Wayne Township.
  • Assign students to Deer Creek Elementary, opening in fall 2022.
  • Consider impact on neighborhoods and subdivisions.
  • Consider stability of programs and instructional learning spaces for Exceptional Learners.
  • Reduce utilization of portables in the school district.
Will I get a chance to participate in redefining boundary lines?  
Yes, a public meeting is being held on October 26 at 6 p.m. at Hamilton Southeastern High School. You may also submit your feedback, here. Online submissions will close on November 1, 2021.
Are we using a consultant to help with redefining boundary lines?
We will be utilizing various in-house programs, demographic experts, and community feedback to help with redefining boundary lines as well as rely on demographic data completed during the 2019-20 school year to produce a suitable plan.
Which grade levels will be affected by redefining boundaries? 
The focus of this effort will be assigning students to Deer Creek Elementary.
What is the timeline for redefining boundaries?  
The School Board is expected vote on redefining boundary lines at its December 12 meeting. The updated boundary lines would go into effect for the 2022-23 school year.

Who has the final say on boundaries?  
Although the public will have the opportunity to be involved in the process, only the board will vote on the final boundary plan.  
What happens to students affected in this process? 
Principals will ensure that every child will feel welcome in their new building. All our schools are world-class, with highly professional staff and will make the transition as seamless as possible.

What will happen to Durbin Elementary School after Deer Creek opens?
Durbin Elementary will remain a school property of Hamilton Southeastern. District leadership is evaluating various ways to utilize the building in the future.
Will students that were assigned to a different school for 2021-22 because of enrollment caps at their “home” school be allowed to stay at their current school?
No final decision has been made at this time. District administration will review school enrollment data as the process continues and update when more information is available.
Will students upcoming 4th graders impacted by the redefining boundaries process have the option to remain at their current school?
No final decision has been made at this time. District administration will review school enrollment data as the process continues and update when more information is available.


A set of goals for redefining boundary lines were created and presented to the School Board on September 22, 2021.
  • Hamilton Southeastern Schools will implement a comprehensive communications plan, welcoming feedback and responding to interests of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Hamilton Southeastern Schools will introduce and implement the collection, storage, analysis, reporting and application of its educational and operational data.
  • Hamilton Southeastern Schools will adopt a boundary reidentification plan to prepare for the opening of Deer Creek Elementary in fall 2022.
  • The HSE Board of School Trustees commits to academic excellence and participation in the Certification Awards Program through the Indiana School Board Association.

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