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COVID-19 Decision Guide

HSE Schools will be following the current guidance of the local and state health departments when a student or staff member can return to school due to COVID-19. This response requires being nimble to changing guidelines and recommendations. The following charts uses criteria to determine: close contact, symptoms, and COVID-19 test status. Click an image below to view or download

Exhibiting COVID Symptoms
  • If a student or staff member presents with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, the individual will be sent home and presumed to have COVID until such time as a healthcare provider determines the illness is caused by something else and provides a note.
  • Without a healthcare provider's note, the individual would need to stay home for 10 days and be fever-free for 24-hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.
  • If a student or staff member is exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19, but test negative with an antigen (rapid) test, the student/staff member may be directed to get a PCR test to confirm by the school nurse. A PCR test is considered more reliable than antigen tests in determining if an individual is COVID positive.
​Please note: Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 do not need to quarantine or get tested again for up to 90 days, as long as they do not develop symptoms again. Those who develop symptoms again within 90 days of their first bout of COVID-19 may need to be tested, if no other cause is identified for symptoms. Documentation of the positive test must be provided to school nurse before this decision is made.
Contract Tracing
  • HSE Schools will immediately contact Fishers Health Department and/or Hamilton County Health Department upon learning of a positive COVID case among student body or staff.
    • Due to the difficulty in social distancing in the K-4 classroom, whole classes will be quarantined, if a positive student is reported.
    • Activities outside of a classroom will continue to be contact traced at six-feet.
    • Contact tracing will take place at three-feet in grades 5-12 when this standard is met in the classroom setting.
  • As of Feb. 17, general notification of COVID-related cases in schools via Skylert will cease. Families will only be notified if their student(s) are a close contact.
    • This change in practice is to reduce confusion.
    • The dashboard was created to provide transparency about what is happening in the school corporation.
    • All COVID-related cases among students and staff can be found on the COVID-19 Data Dashboard and is updated on Monday mornings.
School Closure
  • Decisions on whether part of a school or an entire school will need to close will be made in consultation with the Fishers Health Department as part of the contact tracing and case investigation. These decisions will depend on how the students were cohorted and the movements of the ill individual. The ability to staff a building(s) will also be a deciding factor.


Student With COVID-19 Symptoms

Student Close Contact With Confirmed COVID-19 Individual

Employee With COVID-19 Symptoms

Employee Close Contact With Confirmed COVID-19 Individual

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