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Facility Modifications


Protective barriers

More than 300 plexiglass barriers have been installed throughout the buildings to provide another layer of protection for those working, and reflects the best guidance regarding healthy interactions. Some of the barriers have been strategically placed in the following areas: front offices, guidance offices, on the desks of school registrars and treasurers, bookstores, cashier stations in the cafeterias, fan and concession stands.

Classroom seating

  • Every effort will be made to socially distance students in the classroom. 
  • Soft, institutional grade furniture that the district has purchased will remain in classrooms and building common areas.  All “soft/porous” surfaced furniture not purchased by the district will be removed.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created infographics on the symptoms of COVID-19, social distancing and how to properly wash your hands. HSE Schools selected five signs that are applicable and printed 5,200 posters and floor decals. The signage will appear in building entrances, hallways, cafeterias and restrooms.

Water bottle filling stations

All water fountains will be turned off in the buildings. Water bottle filling stations have been installed to provide students and staff with access to water throughout the day.

Hand sanitizer stations

In addition to hand sanitizer being available to students and staff in classrooms, all buildings have been equipped with free-standing hand sanitizer stations that can be placed where administrators feel they are most useful.

COVID-19 isolation rooms

There will be a separate, designated area created in all buildings for anyone who presents signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

Building ventilation

HSE Schools has made changes to the way buildings are ventilated to increase outside air. The following steps will be implemented:

1.  The CO2 setpoints on HVAC units that have demand ventilation have been lowered to increase the amount of outdoor air introduced into the buildings.
2.  The outdoor air damper minimum positions on HVAC units that have standard ventilation has been increased to allow for additional outdoor air to be introduced into the buildings.
3.  HVAC systems will be started two-hours before students arrive with the outdoor air dampers commanded to their maximum ventilation position to introduce filtered and conditioned outdoor air into the space. This will help ensure that the school day will always start with filtered and conditioned outdoor air.
4.  Extend the HVAC occupied times.
5.  Implement an unoccupied evening dehumidification program.

The HSE Facilities Department and contracted HVAC vendors will continually monitor the indoor air quality of the buildings and adjust as needed.  

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