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Exceptional Learners


All students are required to follow the Return to In-Person Instruction Plan. However, HSE Schools recognize that there are times when a student may not be able to wear a mask in accordance with the HSE Return to In-Person Instruction Plan. In the event of this situation, a parent will need to determine with their healthcare provider if a student is able to attend school in-person.

If a student has a medical exemption regarding the wearing of a mask, it must be provided in writing by their healthcare provider. Parents will need to share this documentation to the school. (A current note from the healthcare provider will be needed, even if this accommodation has been approved in the past.)

  • If masking as required is not possible due to disability or health condition, determine if a face shield is an appropriate alternative for the student.
  • If the student is not able to wear a mask or face shield due to their disability or health condition, the Case Conference Committee will determine what reasonable accommodations are needed for the student to access their education.
    • How can social distancing be used to provide an appropriate learning environment?
    • How many people is the student in contact with during the day?
    • How has the student been prepared for the return to in-person instruction?
    • How can the school and parent assist the student in gaining the skill of wearing a mask, if appropriate?
  • If a student does not have a medical reason and is not able to be compliant with wearing a mask, the Case Conference Committee will determine if a student is in need of social stories, practice sessions to desensitize them to wearing a mask or a specific behavior intervention plan regarding the wearing of masks.

For situations that fall outside of the two examples listed above, building administrators will work with the Department of Exceptional Learners administrators to determine what steps need to be taken.

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