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2018 IPAD RFQ Information

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: prior to 10:00 am local time (EST) November 8, 2018

RECORDING OF PROPOSERS: 8:00 am local time (EST) November 9, 2018

LOCATION: Hamilton SE Schools Administration    
                    13485 Cumberland Rd.      
                    Fishers, IN 46038

Request for Quotes (RFQ) to Purchase Surplus Technology Equipment

Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation (HSE, the District) desires to sell surplus technology equipment to interested vendors. 

I cordially invite you to respond to HSE’s attached request for quotes (RFQ) to purchase surplus technology equipment from the District. Please feel free to contact Tom Kouns, Director of Infrastructure Technologies, with questions. 


1.1 Purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFQ) Hamilton Southeastern Schools recently retired a large quantity of iPads primarily used by staff. The purpose of this Request for Quotes (RFQ) is to solicit sealed bids and sell the surplus equipment through a fair and competitive process.  The District intends to acquire the best possible sale price for these devices and invites appropriately qualified and experienced vendors to submit a quote for purchasing all devices as described herein.  This document does not commit the District to sell the surplus equipment or to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a response to this RFQ. Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation reserves the right to request clarification, conduct discussions with vendors and/or request additional information.

1.2 General Background Hamilton Southeastern Schools is a large public school district serving over 21,000 students.  The district consists of 12 Elementary Schools, 4 Intermediate Schools, 4 Junior High Schools and 2 High Schools.  The district consists of Delaware, Fall Creek and Wayne Townships in Hamilton County, Indiana.  Hamilton Southeastern, as an innovative school community, provides an educational opportunity for each student to achieve maximum potential, to become a responsible citizen and to influence an ever-changing world community. Additional information about the district can be found at www.hseschools.org.  

1.3 Request Timeline and Important Dates

The timeline for this RFQ is as follows:
Issue Date  10/26/18
Proposal Response Deadline  11/8/18 BY 10:00 AM EST
Vendors may submit questions concerning this Request for Quotes to Tom Kouns, Director of Infrastructure Technology, via email. HSE will not post any addenda for this solicitation.   

Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation seeks to sell surplus staff 1:1 computing devices. This section describes the equipment for sale.  

2.1 Equipment HSE’s surplus 1:1 computing equipment includes working models of 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads, as well as some damaged models as described below.  
 Model iPad 2 –
Wifi Only
iPad 3 –
Wifi Only
iPad 4 –
Wifi Only
iPad Air – Wifi Only iPad Air – WiFi+Cell iPad Air2 – Wifi Only iPad 5th
Quantity in working condition 73 13 1090 0 1 0 0
Damaged 14 0 86 58 0 26 3
Memory 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB 32 GB
• HSE will not make any efforts to repair the damaged devices and can be sold ‘as is.’  However, HSE would require a certificate for each damaged device verifying all personal information (iTunes / iCloud accounts, email accounts, etc.) is removed once the device is purchased and repaired.  

HSE technology department staff has removed mobile management / DEP, iCloud and/or passcode locks on working iPads and restored all devices to original factory settings. No charging cords or power supplies will be available.  HSE required staff to keep the devices in cases during the entire device life cycle and all deemed to be in working condition remain functional.    


3.1 Evaluation Criteria and Process HSE will select a vendor and accept a quote which offers the best possible value. The most important criterion is price, but the District will also consider any value-added services that will streamline the sale process (e.g., white glove pickup, prepaid packaging/shipping, and inventory audit).  

3.2 Competitive Negotiation Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation reserves the right to request clarification, conduct discussions with vendors, to request revisions, modify the desired scope, negotiate price changes and/or waive minor informalities. The District also retains the right to negotiate the final contract terms and conditions with one or more of the most responsive vendors as solely determined by the District. All vendors who participate in the bidding process will have the opportunity to increase their offer once all submitted bids have been revealed, however, they must be onsite to do so.  Finally, HSE may discard all vendor responses if none meet the stated minimum requirements or if none are deemed in the best interests of the District.


4.1 General Directions

This RFQ contains all the information and forms necessary to complete and submit a formal quote. All responses and accompanying documentation submitted will become the property of Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation at the time responses are opened. 

4.2 Required Response Content

Vendors must submit one original and one electronic copy of the quote by the due date indicated in Section 1.3 of this RFP. To assist in the evaluation process, HSE requests all quotes include the information listed below. Quotes lacking one or more of the following items may be considered nonresponsive and may be rejected. 
  • Price – Vendors must submit a single price for all of the surplus equipment.  A graduated price schedule based on each device condition (Grade A, B, etc.) will not be accepted.  HSE will accommodate requests to inspect the devices in advance of the proposal deadline, however, the proposed price must be determined when the bid is submitted.  HSE will require a 10% down payment at the time the winning bid is awarded.  The remaining balance will be collected at the time the devices are picked up.  
  • Primary Contact Information – Quote should include vendor key staff contact name, email address, and phone number. 
  • Shipping and Delivery Information – Vendors’ quotes should also include a thorough description of the packing, shipping and delivery process. 

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