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5th - 6th Grade Lockers

All lockers made available for student use on the school premises are the property of the school corporation.  These are made available for student use in the storing of school supplies and personal items necessary for use at school.  The lockers are not to be used to store items which cause, or can reasonably be foreseen to cause an interference with school purposes or an educational function which are forbidden by state law or school rules. 
The student’s use of the locker does not diminish the school corporation’s ownership or control of the locker.  The school corporation retains the right to inspect the locker and its contents to ensure it is being used in accordance with its intended purpose, to eliminate fire and other hazards, to maintain sanitary conditions, to attempt to locate lost or stolen material, and to prevent use of the locker to store prohibited or dangerous materials such as weapons, illegal drugs, or alcohol. 
All lockers and other storage areas provided for student use on school premises remain the property of the school corporation.  They are subject to inspection, access for maintenance, and search pursuant to this section.  No student shall lock or otherwise impede access to any locker except with a lock provided by or approved by the principal of the school in which the locker is located.  Unapproved locks shall be removed and destroyed. 
The principal, another member of the administrative staff, or a teacher may search a desk, locker, or other storage area on school premises when the person conducting the search has reasonable cause for a search. 
The principal, or another member of the administrative staff acting under the direction of the principal, may search a student during a school activity if a reasonable cause for search exists. 
Students will be assigned individual lockers for storing school-related materials and belongings.  The locker combination will be issued to each student.  The following guidelines should be followed by students concerning lockers: 
1) Each student should memorize the combination. 
2) No student is to disclose the combination to another student. 
3) Each student should keep the locker locked to ensure the security of property.  The school is not responsible for items lost or stolen. 
4) A student should not have access to another student’s locker. 
5) No material should be attached to the locker door without the principal’s approval. 
6) Tape should not be attached anywhere on the locker. 
7) Students should use magnets to attach materials to the inside of the locker. 
8) No student should keep books or any other belongings in another student’s locker. 
The student is responsible for proper maintenance of the locker.  Students may be assessed a charge if it becomes necessary to repair damages attributable to student abuse. 

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