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5th - 6th Grade Student Computing Resources and Internet Access Consent

The use of any technology resources in Hamilton Southeastern Schools is a privilege, not a right, and it is subject to regulation and monitoring.  Students utilizing corporation-provided computing resources and Internet access must first have the permission of Hamilton Southeastern Schools’ professional staff and must work under the supervision of professional staff.  Students utilizing said resources are responsible for good online behavior similar to the good behavior which is expected in a classroom or other area of school. 
Violation of any school rules and corporation policy may result in denial and disciplinary actions.  A student shall not create or otherwise access technology content that: 

  • Violates any school rule, including any student discipline rule and any school policy; 
  • Causes or is likely to cause a substantial and material disruption to the school; 
  • Is a “true threat”; 
  • Is considered as lewd, vulgar, indecent or plainly offensive; 
  • Generates a legitimate educational concern; or 
  • Is considered an unlawful activity. 
Details and definition to the above situations are found in HSE Technology Usage Policy I5.3 and Guidelines I5.3.1.  These items can be accessed on our website (hseschools.org). 
Hamilton Southeastern Schools (HSE) permits student to bring personal laptops or other computing devices to school for academic purposes. 
  • HSE accepts no responsibility or financial liability for personal laptops or other computing devices that are brought to school by students. 
  • Laptops or other devices that are lost, stolen, or damaged are the responsibility of the student and his/her parents/guardians, regardless of how the loss, theft, or damage occurs.  
  • Students are advised to take steps to guard against damage, loss, or theft. 

HSE’s technology department will not provide technical support for any personal laptop or other computing device

Hamilton Southeastern Schools has Internet access at all schools throughout the district.  Our goal is to have Internet and e-mail access at each computer lab and at all stand-alone computers in the school corporation.  
It is our intent to provide a safe environment with Internet services at School.  We have the ability to block undesirable locations or addresses. If someone tries to access a blocked address we will know which work station attempted to access that site.  The Internet access is supervised and monitored.  
The School Board has approved a Policy on District-Provided Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks.  This policy explains the Internet use and what we are trying to avoid at school.  This policy is extended to anyone interested in accessing the Internet at the locations accessible from the corporation’s web server. 
The School Board approved Policy is available in the school office.  If you would like for your child to have access to the Internet at School, please review the policy and return the form to the school office.   
Students will utilize e-mail and websites for educational purposes only.  Defaming or derogatory comments made by a student regarding another classmate or teacher will not be tolerated.   

Photographing of Students and Personnel 
Students may not use any audio or video devices to photograph or record the activities of other students or district personnel while on school property or a school-sponsored activity unless authorized in advance by the staff member supervising the activity and with the consent of the individual(s) being recorded.  At the time of registration, families may request to opt out of photo and video events.  Students who violate this expectation may face appropriate disciplinary consequences. 

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