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7th - 8th Grade Policies and Procedures


Backpack Identification

All students are required to have a school issued ID tag on their backpack and any other bag that is used to transport materials to school.  All lunch boxes need to be marked on the outside with the student’s first and last name.  These rules have been established to keep our students and staff safe.  It allows for school officials to quickly determine if an unmarked bag, box, etc. could be of danger to anyone.


Birthdays are a special time, but due to the number of Hamilton Southeastern students who have various food allergies, no birthday treats will be allowed at school.  Birthday party invitations should be mailed and not handed out at school.  The school will not accept flowers, balloons, or gift deliveries of any kind for students.  They not only cause a disruption in the classroom, but they also cannot be taken on the bus because they may restrict the driver’s visual field.  Instructional time cannot be used for birthday parties or celebrations.

Classroom Celebrations

Schools may have up to two classroom celebrations during the year.  It is the decision of the individual building administrator as to what the celebrations will entail and when they will take place.  Examples of the celebrations are traditional classroom parties, presentations of student learning, or service learning projects. Treats may be provided through HSE food services in conjunction with payment by the PTO.  Students should not bring in candy or other food items during these celebrations.

Elevator Usage

To be allowed access to use the elevator, a student MUST have a doctor’s note stating why he/she needs use of the elevator and for how long the student will need to use the elevator instead of the stairs.   If a student is injured and is waiting to be seen by a doctor, a parent note may be used.  However, a parent note will only be good for one day.  The student MUST have a doctor’s note if he/she is to continue to use the elevator. 

Emergency Phone Numbers

Upon registration of your child, you were asked to provide the school with phone numbers of people that could be reached in cases of emergency.  If these numbers change during the school year, please inform the school so that we will always have up-to-date information on file.  Please make sure the people the school is to notify are willing to take responsibility for your child in case you cannot be reached.

Enrollment - Student's Legal Settlement

Per Indiana Code, a student may be expelled from school if the student’s legal settlement is not in the attendance area of the school corporation where the student is enrolled.

Late Start or Early Release for Non-School Activities

Late starts or early releases for activities such as lessons, practices, etc. are discouraged as they are not in the best educational interest of the students.  However, some circumstances require that a student be late to school or dismissed before the end of the school day on a regular basis.  Parents should contact the building principal for the specific procedure for consideration and approval of a request for regular late start or early release of any student for a non-school activity.

Reporting Absences

When your child is absent from school, please call the school office before 9:00AM each day he/she is absent.  Please report the child’s name, classroom teacher, and illness.  It is helpful for the school nurse to know the nature of illnesses in our school to identify symptoms of others seen in the clinic.  A doctor’s permission to return to school may be required dependent upon the length and type of illness your child is experiencing.  We ask you to do this to ensure the safety of your child and to confirm that he/she is either here or with you at home.  Our voicemail system will take messages concerning absences before and after office hours.  If you do not contact the office, contact will be made with you by the school.


Schedules change, buses run late, emergencies occur.  Hamilton Southeastern Schools has implemented an instant alert system, Skylert, which can be utilized by district or individual building administrators, as needed.  This system allows the school to notify parents of emergencies and/or changes to the school’s regular schedule more quickly and conveniently.  Skylert brings critical and/or changing news directly to the intended audience, as parents can select how and where they receive messages.  Each year, the home phone number listed for the student is set as the default in the system.  Parents should update the information in the system annually which can include work phone, cell phone, email.  Updates to Skylert can be made at any time by logging into Skyward Family Access.

Tardiness To School

Tardiness is disruptive to the educational process and is considered to be a serious matter.  Whenever a student arrives at school after the 8:00AM bell has rung, the student should report directly to the front office.  Students are to sign in on the late arrival form located in the main office.  A student who arrives to school late three (3) or more times may receive disciplinary consequences.  Medical issues that result in a child being habitually tardy for school would require medical documentation from the attending physician to be marked as excused

Telephone Calls and Emails

The school is always ready to render necessary services in delivering important messages to teachers and students.  We cannot, however, call either students or teachers to the phone during class time, except for emergencies.  Voice mail is available twenty-four hours for parents to leave messages for teachers.  If a message is to be relayed before the end of the school day, please make sure the office takes the message.

In order to encourage student responsibility, students cannot use the school telephone except for emergencies.  We do not allow calls for forgotten items or notes.  Each staff member has an HSE email account.  Please make sure you reference your child in the subject line of the email.  We often do not open mail that is not identified.  Please remember that staff members may not get to email during the school day.

Telephone Calls

Calls will only be made on an emergency basis by students.  Calling for homework, books, lunches, permission to go home with a friend, etc. are not generally acceptable reasons to use the school phones.  It is important to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum.  Students will not be called out of class for telephone calls, but messages will be delivered when needed. 

Withdraw/Transfer of Students

Parents who will be withdrawing their child from school should notify the school office as least one full day in advance so the appropriate forms, book rental refund, library obligations, lunch charges, and textbooks can be addressed.  School records will be sent directly to the new school.  Health forms may be copied and sent with the parents.  A request for these copies should be made as far in advance as possible.

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