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Drug Education and Screening

Drug Education & Random Screening Policy

Random Drug Testing of Athletes

When a student makes an attempt to be on an athletic team at the High School they have declared themselves an athlete for that school year. Attempting to be on a team includes going through a tryout or attending a practice. Any student involved with the High School athletics must have a “Random Drug Testing Form” completed, signed by the athlete and parent and/or guardian, and be on file in the Athletic Director’s Office. If an athlete is 18 years old they do not have to have a parent signature. When a student declares themselves an athlete their name will go into the drug testing pool for the random testing. Their name will remain in the testing pool until the end of the school year.
Student Athlete & Student Driver Drug & Alcohol Random Testing Policy


  1. A student athlete who has consumed alcohol or uses illegal drugs presents a real and substantial danger to his/her own health. Drugs or alcohol may mask the pain that an athlete may feel, thus causing the athlete to overexert his/her body. Drugs or alcohol may reduce one’s motor coordination, or alter one’s mood to the degree that participation in student athletics is unsafe for the individual athlete as well as those around them. Athletics and its related activities are an important aspect of life at the High School yet safety must take precedence.

  2. Many students choose to drive to and from school and school related activities. Driving can be a hazardous activity and a driver who consumes alcohol or uses illegal drugs is more likely to be involved in an accident or mishap than a driver who does not.

The High School has a responsibility to its student athletes and student drivers to make efforts to ensure that they are drug and alcohol free and engage in their respective activities in a safe and responsible manner. Because illegal drug or alcohol use does not always manifest itself in observable ways, the High School has instituted this policy of random testing for student athletes and student drivers. The purpose of this policy is to protect student athletes and drivers and those around them.Policy

Any student who wishes to participate in athletics or drive to or from school or school related events must consent to participate in the the High School Student Athlete and Student Driver Drug and Alcohol Random Testing Program. Any student who refuses will not be permitted to participate in such activities. Student athletes and drivers will be subjected to a random chemical test to determine if the student has consumed or is under the influence of alcohol and/or other illegal drugs and substances as defined by Indiana law.

Test Procedures

The school administration will implement a procedure for the method of random selection of students involved in the program as well as procedures to be used in the collection and testing of samples.

Consequences of Positive Test Result

A student who tests positive for drug and/or alcohol use or refuses to submit to a chemical test when requested to do so will be subject to the following:

1. First Offense

The student will be allowed to select one of the following two (2) options:

Option 1: Immediate suspension of driving privileges for a period of six (6) weeks. Additionally, athletic consequences will be implemented in accordance to the Athletic Rules and Penalties. During this six (6) week period the student must complete, at the student’s expense, a drug education program approved by the school administration. The student shall also be subject to additional unscheduled drug tests. If a student selects this option and fails to complete the approved education within the specified timeframe or fails a drug test during the six (6) week period then the second option shall be imposed.

Option 2: The student will not be permitted to drive to or from school or school related activities for a period of 365 days and athletic consequences will be implemented in accordance to the Athletic Rules and Penalties.

2. Second Offense
If the student fails a second random test during his/her high school career, then the student will not be permitted to drive to or from school or school related activities for a period of 365 days. Additionally, athletic consequences will be implemented in accordance to the Athletic Rules and Penalties.

3. Third Offense

If a student fails a third random test during his/her high school career that student will permanently forfeit driving privileges for the remainder of his/her high school career; athletic consequences will be implemented in accordance to the Athletic Rules and Penalties

4. Refusal

A student who refuses to submit to a chemical test when required to do so shall be subject to consequences outlined above. If the student is unable to complete the chemical test, the student shall be required to return to the testing location within two (2) hours to provide the required specimen. If the student is still unable to complete the chemical test he/she shall be deemed as having refused to take the random drug test.

Altered Chemical Test

Any chemical test determined to be altered in any way may result in the same penalty as Refusal (see #4 above).

Parental Notification

If a student tests positive for drug and/or alcohol use the student and his/her parents will be notified in a timely manner.

Legitimate Explanation

Within twenty-four (24) hours of being informed of a positive test result, the student may present evidence to the test administrator that the positive test result was caused by the legitimate use of a prescription or non-prescription drug or an activity other than illegal drug or alcohol use. The test administrator shall determine whether such reasons would reasonably explain the positive test result. If the test administrator determines the results to have been caused by a legitimate activity, then the test results will be disregarded and any record of the positive result shall be expunged.
Independent Analysis

A student who receives a positive result will be permitted to retain an appropriately licensed laboratory to conduct an independent chemical analysis. This will be at the student’s expense. If such a request is made, the laboratory used by the school will forward the chemical specimen directly to the laboratory of the student’s choice. The student will be charged for the storage, handling and mailing of the chemical sample. The student will not be permitted access to the sample until it has been tested by the independent laboratory. If it is found that the student had access to the sample prior to it being tested by the independent laboratory then any result from that laboratory will be disregarded. The laboratory of the student’s choice shall employ the current and most accurate methods for detection of the drugs previously found to be in the specimen. If the laboratory records a negative result, the student’s record will reflect that result and the suspension imposed will be revoked. Any results obtained by the laboratory of the student’s choice must be in the possession of the school within seven (7) days of the initial test results or they shall be disregarded.

No employee, officer, or agent of the laboratory selected by the student shall in any way be associated with the student or any member of the student’s family. If such an association exists then any negative test results from that laboratory shall be disregarded.
Voluntary Drug Testing

Parents have the right to voluntarily enter their student into the random drug testing program. The student and parent will sign a form indicating they approve of the following conditions if their student has a positive drug test. The student must complete, at the student’s expense, a drug education program approved by the administration. The student must provide to school officials documentation of successful completion of the program. Failure to comply will result in the student being removed from the random drug testing.

Substance Abuse Policy

1.     Provide to another, possess, or be under the influence of any substance which is or contains tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, or stimulant, or any intoxicant, narcotic, depressant, hallucinogen or substance representing a drug (such as but not limited to spice, K2, synthetics, herbal incense, etc.) Beverages sold as non-alcoholic beer will be treated as a look-alike substance representing a drug. It is also a violation of the disciplinary code of Hamilton Southeastern Schools to possess any of the above substances unless as a result of a valid prescription while on the school grounds at any time, or at any school-sponsored activity at any location including a school bus. It is also a violation of this code to sniff or inhale or otherwise ingest any other substance when that is not the intended use of the substance.
2.     Possess a raw material, instrument, device, or other object that he/she intends to use for introducing into his/her body a controlled substance,

  • testing the strength, effectiveness or purity of a controlled substance, or

  • enhancing the effect of a controlled substance, on school premises at any time, or at any school sponsored activity at any location including the school bus. Use, by a student, of medication prescribed by a medical doctor, a dentist, or other health care provider authorized by law to prescribe said medication for that student, if said use is in accordance with the directions provided by said health care provider, is not a violation of this rule. Aspirin/Tylenol will be given only if the appropriate parent permission form is on file. Any student, who is unsure if possession, use or providing another person with any particular substance would violate this rule, should contact the principal, assistant principal or the school nurse before possessing, using or providing said substance

  1. The intent to acquire or purchase illegal substances, drugs, or look-alike drugs.

In accordance with Public Law, the High School will inform law enforcement agencies, in writing, when violations involving controlled substances (e.g. drugs) occur within the school environment.

Disciplinary Actions for Violation of the Substance Abuse Policy

At the request of parents, the principal will consider alternatives to expulsion for first time offenders only and under the following conditions:

  1. Parents who elect to enter their child into an approved drug/alcohol abuse program will do so at their own expense.  (An approved program must be certified by the Division of Addiction Services, Indiana Department of Mental Health.)

  2. If the program is a residential program, the school corporation will readmit the student to classes upon completion of the program. If the program is one that remediate the student on evenings and/or weekends the student will be readmitted to school after the five (5) day suspension upon proof of enrollment in the program.

  3. Should the student fail to complete the requirements of their program, he/she will immediately be expelled for the duration of the original expulsion period proposed.

  4. Driving privileges may be denied as a disciplinary measure when deemed appropriate by school officials.

Students committing a second offense of possession and/or use of drugs/alcohol or students committing the providing and/or selling of drugs/alcohol will be expelled following due process procedures.

Reasonable Suspicion

The administration shall have the authority to require a student to submit to a chemical test of the student’s breath or urine if the administration has reasonable suspicion the student, while at school, is using or under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or a controlled substance (as defined by Indiana law).
Reasonable suspicion may arise from the following:

  1. A student’s conduct, physical appearance and/or odor indicates the use of alcohol, marijuana, or a controlled substance.

  2. Possession of a vape, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, marijuana, or a controlled substance.

  3. Reliable information communicated to an administrator indicating a student is presently using, possessing, or under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or a controlled substance.

Failure to produce a test sample after a reasonable period of time, or the student’s willful refusal to submit to the chemical test, or a positive test result will allow the Administration to proceed with disciplinary action up to and including the recommendation for expulsion as outlined in the student handbook. (i.e. but not limited to chronic sleeping, erratic behavior).  Additionally, a student possessing synthetic urine or any type of masking agent intended to alter a drug screen will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including the recommendation for expulsion. 

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