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PK - 4th Grade Field/Study Trips

Field / Study Trips

When classroom teachers schedule a study trip for the class away from school, a permission slip will be sent home with the needed information on it.  This slip must be signed and returned.  Students without a signed permission slip, or anyone not returning the permission slip by the deadline set by the classroom teachers, will not be allowed to attend the trip.  Medications may be given by the school nurse, or their designee, when students are out of the building or on a study trip.  Before a parent is chosen to help chaperone a study trip, they must have a criminal background check approved and on file in order to accompany the class.  These forms are only valid for three years, after which time a new application may be submitted.  In addition, siblings are not permitted to attend the study trip.  Parents not chosen as a chaperone are not permitted to join the class at the destination.  This causes a major breach in our safety measures of keeping students safe while in our charge.
            Administration of Medications and Treatments
to Special Needs Students on Field Trips—As a result of the growth in enrollment in our school system, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of students with special needs.  These needs often include administration of medication or treatment requiring informed judgment.  Asthma and diabetes management are examples of these special needs.
The priority of the school nurse has to remain with the greater number of students at the school campus.  Thus, on a field trip, or other student activity which takes place away from school, the school nurse will rarely, if ever, be able to accompany special needs students.  In addition, most of the teachers are not qualified to administer certain medications or treatments, or to judge the use of these for chronic medical conditions.
The parents/guardian of the student with special medical needs are expected to work with the school to arrange for an adult other than the school nurse to accompany their child on field trips or other activities when it is deemed necessary by the school nurse and school principal.  If a parent cannot accompany the child, the parent:
  • May select an adult (other than the school nurse) to accompany their child; or
  • May work with the school to arrange for adult supervision for their child; or
  • May waive the need for an adult to specifically accompany their child; or
  • May elect to decline participation in the field trip experience.
A student, trained in the use of their inhaler, glucometer, insulin therapy, or epi-pen, may be allowed to administer their own emergency medication on a field trip.  For this to occur, each student’s ability to self-administer emergency medication must be addressed in the student’s Individual Health Plan and a signed physician authorization form must be completed.

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